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Clean eating Challenge is ready to get started!!

Menu – Check
Shopping List – Check
Not having to think what you going to eat next week – Check

Join us next week for amazing food and see how weight loss can be nutritious and delicious!!

Make the food, share the picture of your food and you could win!  I am excited to share.  Just click on the link and come join us!!

Do doctor cure us or just patch us up?


We had a doctor join our team this week and he had some amazing things to say about our company.  Sorry for the novel.

“It is amazing how much medicine some people are on. As an emergency department physician, on a daily basis, I see people on 20, 30, even 40 medications a day. This is crazy!

If you have Diabetes, add 2-5 medications. Hypertension, add 2-3 more. If your have had a heart attack or have COPD, you could be on 5 medications for each.

If you have chronic pain, add narcotics, gabapentin, and a muscle relaxant. The cost of all these medications is often several hundred dollars a month.

So much of what we do as physicians is patchwork. If you have a problem, there is a medicine which might help. These medications usually do not fix the problem, but instead only cover it up.

I am coming to realize, however, that there is a much better way through diet and exercise. If there was a medication that cost $100 to $150 a month that could cure many of the ailments my patients suffered and would allow them to come off many of their current medications over time, they would demand to be on it.

For that price, they could get a BeachBody program, push play, maintain a good diet, and purchase appropriate supplements like Shakeology. They would loose weight, become physically stronger, and overall be much healthier. Many of their diseases would resolve and they would need less medication. They would live longer, healthier lives.

The problem is, however, that the healthy lifestyle takes a lot of physical effort, which the majority of the population is not willing to put forth. For them it is easier to take 30 to 40 pills a day.

I commend everyone on this message board for having the strength of will to go after their health goals. Lets all be good examples to friends and family of what a healthy lifestyle is all about.”

3 Steps to start your workout journey.


Three steps to starting you journey.

Get moving.  There are so many different reason but here are three that helped me.

Get moving…  
You have to move.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion but if you don’t move your body you will become a big paper weight that won’t want to do anything except hold the chair you are sitting on down to the floor.

Don’t measure yourself…
OK, yes I do think you should right down your weight, take before pictures and measurements.  What I don’t want you doing is saying “So-and-so looks so much better then me.”

We are all on are own journey, in our own temple (body), taking our own path.  Saying I want a body like Hugh Jackman, whose job is to act and look good isn’t the same path as me.  So comparing is setting ourselves up for an unfair comparison.

This is something that can help you in all areas and not just working out but it helps for sure when we are pushing our bodies.  Deep breaths help get oxygen into our bodies that allow us to push harder and stay focused.  Plus if you don’t breath during a workout you will die ;)

Two brothers


#throwbackthursday with two brothers that were headed down the wrong path.

This was me and my brother a few years ago when we were both on path that were leading us to a shorter life and two families that would be fatherless.

We both have made transformations in our lives to make sure that we give ourselves the best possible chance of not only living longer but better.

I tell people all the time it isn’t about looking good, it’s about living better. Looking good is just a byproduct of living a healthier life.

Do you use a pre workout drink?


I had someone yesterday asked me about getting energy for a workout. I do believe that pre workout drinks help you pick up your game but if you don’t have everything balanced it could just be dropping energy from you that you need later.

Make sure that you are using supplements wisely to increase your performance and not as a bandaid to mask things that you are not doing.

Eat, sleep, hydration and then supplements to fill in gaps and improve performance.



Recently there was a discussion on Facebook about how someone have been working out and eating right for 3 weeks and had lost 2 pounds, but she had lost 7.5 inches around her body.

I cannot stress enough my disdain for the bathroom scale and society’s obsession with weight.

Weight is just one measurement and is subpar at best to track one’s health especially when you get within 20 pounds of your supposed ideal weight. Please look at a more important measurements of functionality, inches, and before and after pictures in conjuction with your weight.


One of my most hated pictures.


#ThrowbackThursday and I can’t believe I am sharing this.  I might be smiling but that’s only because I’m with friends and family.

This was a few years back before I had started my fitness journey, me and the family went to sea world and took a few pictures. There are very few pictures of me at this time in my life because I hated, absolutely hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I haven’t seen this picture in years but it’s a testament of no matter where your at you can change your future. Please don’t ever think that you are stuck where you are.