My Transformation

Below is the story of my change with BeachBody and P90X.  This is something that anyone can do!  I sit behind a desk for 8+ hours a day and look at the results that I got.  If you are ready to make a change by the end of this post click on the link at the bottom and click join!  It is free!!!

I have always been in pretty good shape and have never felt like I was out of shape, well that was until I turned 32 and I went on a company cruise when I ended up gaining a lot of weight and balloned to 175 lbs!!!  Below you can see one of many documented picture that I took as I tried to change my life around.

Over the next couple of year I ate better and I got a membership to Golds Gym and then to the local gym and I got down to 160 and there my weight stayed.  I was in better shape and thought this is what life will be.  Fast forward to March 2011 and my birthday.

My asked “What do you want for your birthday?” and even after my birthday I still didn’t know what I wanted.  That is until I was looking through a Men’s Health magazine when I saw an ad for P90X.  I have seen the infomercials and though, heck why not?!

Day 1 – I thought I was OK but I was ready to see what 90 days would bring!

Day 30: There is little visual difference but I could feel me getting stronger.  At this point I start to follow the diet plan as I don’t just want to feel it I want to see it.

Day 60:  Now that I have started to follow the diet plan and I can start to see the difference I am hungery for more and ready to bring it the final 30 days!!!  In fact I am so happy with the changes that are happening I sign up to be a BeachBody coach to help fight obesity!

Day 90!!! I finished I am now the first person that I know personally that has made it through P90X and I look good but I still feel that I need to improve my body and be a great example to my family!!

Day 120!!  P90X is a stable part of my life and the changes that it has brought are increditable.  I thought I looked good at 90 days now at 120 I am proud of what I look like.  I don’t think that I was ever able to say that in my life!!

Well another round of P90X completed.  I didn’t post my 150 days pictures as I was laid up due to my hiking accident.  But I have made it to 180 days!!

Round 3 Day 30

Now that I feel that I have made it to the point I want to be as far as muscle mass and body fat.  I am starting a new chapter in my BeachBody journey and I will be doing Insanity to help my endurance.





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