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Would you bet on your own life knowing your past?



@jensicero in her book #youareabadass said “You are the author of your own life.” and that means for good or for bad. 

The events of your life might have delivered you where you are today but they don’t define where you are going tomorrow.

Take a few minutes and see my life in a nutshell

A little memory this #ThrowBackThursday


#ThrowbackThursday is sometimes is just a day to sit back after a workout  and know that you gave it everything that you had and know its something you can’t have done in the past.

Two brothers


#throwbackthursday with two brothers that were headed down the wrong path.

This was me and my brother a few years ago when we were both on path that were leading us to a shorter life and two families that would be fatherless.

We both have made transformations in our lives to make sure that we give ourselves the best possible chance of not only living longer but better.

I tell people all the time it isn’t about looking good, it’s about living better. Looking good is just a byproduct of living a healthier life.

One of my most hated pictures.


#ThrowbackThursday and I can’t believe I am sharing this.  I might be smiling but that’s only because I’m with friends and family.

This was a few years back before I had started my fitness journey, me and the family went to sea world and took a few pictures. There are very few pictures of me at this time in my life because I hated, absolutely hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I haven’t seen this picture in years but it’s a testament of no matter where your at you can change your future. Please don’t ever think that you are stuck where you are.