The struggle is real!


Is it hard? Good is supposed to be!

If life were easy we would not push ourselves to become better, status quo would be fine.

Struggles give us an opportunity to see what we don’t like and if we choose the vision to find a better way or a brighter path.

Is your struggle a burden or a chance to make things better?  It is your choice.

Hydration for the win!


Wow! Thus morning was hard to get out of bed and not for the usual reason of “it is nice and warm under my blankets.”
This morning I woke up and was dehydrated.  I could feel it and it wasn’t good.  I downed 20 oz of water waited 30 minutes and thwn got my workout in.  During the workout I drank another 20 oz. and feel like it is time for some more water.

What do you feel is the most important part of getting ready for a workout?

A.M. Snack time


I break up my nutrition into breakfast AM snack lunch PM snack and dinner. So simple little snacks are important to make sure that I I’m fueling my body for my workouts in daily business activities as well as my family time.

This is quick and easy snack to gold me over between breakfast and lunch.

1/2 a banana sliced
1-2 tsp of peanut butter

Take two slices of banana and dab a little peanut butter between the two slices and enjoy.