Daily Success 2/26/2013 – If I didn’t make a drastic change soon, I might never get the chance.



I was 28, weighed over 250 lbs. and I was in terrible shape. I knew it. But when my doctor told me the unexplained pains in my neck and chest were from my extremely high blood pressure, it finally hit home that my lifestyle was KILLING me. If I didn’t make a drastic change soon, I might never get the chance.

I originally chose P90X because I liked the idea of building muscle while losing weight. That’s what got me started. After two official rounds of P90X and some of what I called “P90X Off-Road,” I decided to commit to INSANITY, which got me to a level of fitness I had never thought possible. I was so happy with my results, I followed my first round of INSANITY with 3 rounds of a P90X/ASYLUM hybrid, and I just completed my second round of Body Beast.

Not bad for a fat guy who hated to work out. My results have been nothing short of phenomenal. I have lost over 80 lbs. and totally transformed my body in a way I never dreamed would happen. Doing the version of clap/plyo pushups that Tony calls “psycho” and completing my first real pullup were memorable moments in my journey that gave me a real feeling of accomplishment.

I LOVE the fact that I feel like a completely different person inside and out. I have more energy. I rarely get sick. I have so much confidence. But the best thing is when people tell me that I’ve inspired them to change their lives. When I see that my journey has given other people hope that they can do the same thing, it is a truly amazing feeling.

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