Daily Success 12/23/2012 – Gideon’s weight was out of control!


Yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes. But I never took it seriously. I figured as long as I take my insulin, I could eat whatever I wanted, right? Wrong. I thought I was in good shape—until the day I stepped on the scale and realized my out-of-control eating was putting me in real danger.

That’s when I realized I had to act fast. I knew my friend Jason had gotten awesome results from P90X, so I figured, that was my best hope. I tried P90X at the start of my journey and I was so out-of-shape, it took everything I had to get through the fitness test. So I switched to Power 90. It was tough, but I kept with it.

And that’s when I learned the greatest lesson of my life. In the past, if I slipped just once, I would give up. I’d quit. I was programed to fail. But Tony taught me to set realistic goals and NOT BEAT MYSELF UP.

That inspiration carried me through Power 90 and P90X. I lost 60 lbs., lowered my cholesterol, dropped 8 inches off my waist—and gained control over my diabetes! I’m using 50% less insulin, and I’m determined to keep going!

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