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Daily Success 2/15/2013 – I was miserable. And I hated life.

8-Jennifer-TurboJam-Insanity-ChaleanExtreme-URI used to spend all my free time glued to the couch—watching TV, reading, or taking naps. I was fat. I was miserable. And I hated life. When my husband asked for a divorce last year, I hated life even more and completely lost my appetite. While starving myself did take off the pounds, one day I woke up and realized that I had to start eating right and exercising if I really wanted to get healthy. And that’s when my journey with Beachbody® began.

First I did TurboJam®, which really got my body moving. While I love weight training, I need lots of motivation to do cardio, which Chalene freely gave. This was a great beginner’s workout because it allowed me to see positive results very quickly while getting used to exercising again.

Next I gave INSANITY® a shot because I wanted to push myself and see what I was made of! During this time I started running and completed my 1st 5K in May 2012. INSANITY was the ultimate physical challenge—it was just me against my mind—and I was so proud of myself when I completed it.

Chalean Extreme® was the third program I chose to conquer. This one was great because it taught me how to lift weights without bulking up. Throughout this program, I continued training for my races, and the day after I ran the half marathon I started the Ultimate Reset®.

I chose the Ultimate Reset because even though I’d become an exercise fan over the past year, eating healthy was something I still struggled with. The Reset helped me stop eating sugar and processed foods, which enabled me to sleep so much better at night. And when I started drinking Shakeology® I realized I had found my missing link to nutrition. Shakeology curbed my cravings while giving me the energy I needed to push play everyday.

Though it all, my Challenge Groups were key to my success. The Challenge Group gave me the confidence I needed to step outside my comfort zone and achieve my goals. It has  been my biggest cheerleader throughout this entire journey and I couldn’t have done it without challenge group support and belief in me! My Challenge Groups were great because they held me accountable each and every day, and were there for me when times got tough—which they did, a lot.

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After completing all these Beachbody programs, I lost almost 80 lbs., went from wearing a size 16 down to a 4, and wore a bikini this summer for the 1st time in over 20 years. And while my physical achievements are fantastic, I’m most proud of the mental shift I made. I went from a total pessimist to a glass-half-full kind of person, and am totally loving life. I’ve never felt healthier or happier than I do right now, and I owe it all to Beachbody. Thanks!

Daily Success 1/20/2013 “I’ve always been a runner, but pregnancy really took a toll on my body. I still had 20 lbs. to lose”

Click here to find out more about the Beachbody Challenge and Challenge Groups13-Amy-Insanity“I’ve always been a runner, but pregnancy really took a toll on my body. I still had 20 lbs. to lose and this time, running wasn’t cutting it. The extra weight gave my confidence and self-esteem a nose dive.

So I needed to get fit fast—and after I saw an Insanity infomercial, I knew I had found my answer. Being a new mama, I LOVED that I could do the program in the privacy of my own home while my son napped. I LOVED that I could fit in an intense workout in less than an hour.

And I LOVE the fact that I now have a six pack. Shaun T was awesome. I could go on and on about how much I love Insanity. But even though I lost 20 lbs. and developed great muscle definition, my proudest achievement is the MENTAL TOUGHNESS that I gained.

Now I know that I can do absolutely anything I put my mind to. When I wanted to quit… when I would say to myself, ‘I can’t do this’—I would hear Shaun T telling me to ‘dig deeper’—and I would.

When I had my baby, I lost track of being the best me, but completing Insanity, and becoming a Coach, I feel that I am now the BEST version of myself that I could be! ”

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Daily Success 1/13/2013 – At 35, I found myself looking soft, feeling chubby, and living a lethargic life


At 35, I found myself looking soft, feeling chubby, and living a lethargic life. I traveled a lot for work, and even though I was pretty good about working out at hotel gyms—I was pretty bad about what I ate. I mean, really, really bad about what I ate.

I knew that if I wanted to get healthy and fit, I’d have to commit to working out daily as well as majorly revamp my diet. Sounded good, but I had no idea how to do it. Then one day, I saw an Insanity® infomercial and learned that not only could I do the workouts pretty much anywhere, it also comes with a nutrition guide, a Coach, and an online support team to help keep me motivated as well as hold me accountable. SCORE! This was exactly what I was looking for. I was sold, and never looked back.

In 60 days, Insanity completely changed my life. The workouts were quick-paced and packed with so many different exercises that boredom was never an issue. And the moves were so intense that it left me feeling completely wasted when done. Which was great, because my goal wasn’t to just get in shape, it was to get ripped—and that I did.

Now I’m in the best shape of my life and have developed much better eating habits, even while on the road. I steer clear of junk and drink protein shakes instead. I lost 8 lbs. and went from 19% body fat down to 9%. I’m so proud of my results, and so is my family. Hey, if I can get ripped at 35, anyone can. You just got to push play everyday and stick with it.

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From the creator of Rockin Body, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, Insanity Asylum Vol 1 & 2 and more!!  Find them all here!!

Message from Shaun T:
What’s up my people! Come and chat with me in 2013! we’re gonna kick off 2013 the right way! On January 9 at 2pm go to our USTREAM page to view the chat and ask your questions. While you’re there, click the orange follow button at the top of the page to stay in the loop with our other video chats.

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Daily Success 1/3/2013 – After adopting a child the weight started to pile on


My husband and I wanted a baby more than anything. We tried and tried, but after six years of infertility and the heartbreak of a miscarriage, depression kicked in. And the eating took over.

The more weight I gained, the more depressed I got. When we adopted, I stayed home with our baby and continued to eat. I just assumed that this was the way my life was always going to be. Until the night my husband and I were supposed to go out—and even my FAT jeans didn’t fit.

So the next day, I started my journey. I was sick of what I’d become and I realized that I wanted to be there for my son. So I chose TurboFire as my program—and the results were AWESOME! It seemed like the more inches I lost, the more I wanted to push myself harder.

After TurboFire, I completed one round of Insanity, then a round of Les Mills Pump. And I can’t quit. Shakeology is HUGE. It gives me energy and I LOVE that I am drinking a shake that is SO good for me. Being in a Challenge Group helped keep me motivated and having people give me tips and share their down moments helped me see that I am not alone.

So far I’ve lost 80 lbs., I’ve run two 5K races, an 8K, and a half marathon. I feel great. I look great. I feel so much stronger as a woman, wife and mother. My posture has improved, too. I think that goes with holding my head a little higher knowing I have completed these workout programs!
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Daily Success 12/31/2012 – Tyric thought he was in shape…


I honestly thought I wasn’t that out of shape. I knew I needed to exercise more, but I didn’t realize how badly I felt about myself until I saw my reflection in the mirror. Not pretty. One thing that motivated me to change my life was my upcoming wedding. You know, guys want to look good on that day, too.

But that wasn’t what really got me to commit. I was ridiculously tired all the time and didn’t want to go outside to play with my son. I’d tell him to go play by himself. I had an absentee father growing up, and I had promised myself I’d always be there for my son—and I was breaking that promise.

I’d seen a friend lose about 20lbs doing P90X. He told me all I had to do was pop in the DVD, hit play and just do what they do. I added Insanity and P90X2 to my workout routine. Since I started, I’ve lost 42lbs and went from 28% body fat to just 5%! I went from that tired slob to a lean machine.

The best part about my transformation is that I became a better husband—and a much better father. As a family we’re way more active. My wife has had amazing success as well, and my son is more active and a better athlete because of it all. I now help other people to do what we’ve done as a family, and it’s the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had.

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Daily Success 12/28/2012 – The birth of his daughter made Roberto realize how sedentary his life was…



My life was sedentary and I didn’t pay enough attention to exercise. I was always tired, weak, and could not rest well. In short, I had very little discipline with myself.

My daughter’s birth motivated me to change because it made me realize I was not alone anymore. I wondered what would happen if one day she wanted to play with me. I didn’t know what to do, I can’t be so active and I’m always tired! Besides, I had an injury that made me gain a bit more weight. That’s when I decided to take control over my life.

I started the Beachbody Challenge™, and little by little my entire body changed. I lost 61 lbs in one round of INSANITY® and 17 lbs in one of Asylum. My blood pressure is at its best level, the cholesterol, in short, all my body underwent a great change and I lost a total of 80 lbs. Shaun T is the best motivational trainer, thanks to his motivation I have a better shape and a better health to keep telling everybody what INSANITY has done for me.

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Christmas Newsletter and End of the Year Deals!

Seasons Greetings!!

What an exciting time of year.  This is the time of year that I love as we seem to get together with family and friends more often, review what we have done in the past year, build memories and most importantly a time to share with others.

Of course over the past (almost) two years I have had the opportunity to meet, talk and share some fantastic experiences with so many of you.  And I can truly say that you have all changed my life personally.  We have team member that live as far as Dubai (she is at home in Texas for the holidays) and I have other team members that live right next door, but know that where ever you live I feel that you are part of my family and I want you to know that I am here to support you.

I want to give a shout out to two team members that have recently finished Insanity!!

New Years Resolution Deal!

For all Challenge Pack order until the end of the year not only will you get a great program along with Shakeology and free shipping but I will also give you a $25 TeamBeachBody gift card or a Copy of Revabs a $90 value(limited quantity of RevAbs and when they are gone they are gone).  Review the Challenge Packs HERE!!!

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Last June Beachbody changed the formula of the Regular Chocolate Shakeology reducing that amount of sugar and increasing the amount of Fiber.  In doing so they also changed the flavor and while many people did not mind the new flavor there was a good portion of people that did not care for the new taste.  Beachbody sprung into action and put a panel of 2500 customers and coaches together to come out with a flavor that is more appealing.  WELL I am happy to announce that the new flavor is out! If you are already on Shakeology Home Direct and receiving the regular Shakeology then you are set, if you haven’t tried Shakeology before now is your chance to try the most healthy meal of the day!  Remember there is a 30 day money back garentee and if you order it Home Direct the shipping is free and you can still cancel at any time!

See what is in the new Shakeology here.

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Like always feel free to contact me with all your question and have a Happy Holidays!!

Coach G

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Daily Success 12/20/2012 – How did William recover from his car crash?



I had always been in awesome shape. But while recovering from a ripped Achilles tendon and injuries from a car accident, I completely let myself go. To the point that my son started making fat jokes about my weight gain.

And that’s something no dad wants to hear. We started working out together, and it was great for our relationship—but I was still gaining weight and losing hope.

Luckily, a buddy was turning 50 and asked me to join him in doing Insanity. I gotta tell you, it was rough at first. I did the fit test and wanted to puke. But I stayed with it. In a couple of weeks, I could see changes. By the time I finished, I had completely changed my fat, tired old body.

I lost 24 pounds—8% of my body weight—my cholesterol, HDLs, LDLs, triglycerides, and blood sugar are now awesome! I used to be addicted to food, but now I’m addicted to exercise and Shakeology®.

You know, for me, looking at other people’s success stories was a big motivating factor. I would look at people who were working to get the kind of body I wanted and that would keep me motivated to keep “pressing Play.”

$1000 winners for November

You have seen the daily $500 winners of the BeachBody Challenge but these are the 10 $1000 winners for Novemeber.  These 10 people will be going for the chance to win $100,000 next June!!

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