Daily Success 12/20/2012 – How did William recover from his car crash?



I had always been in awesome shape. But while recovering from a ripped Achilles tendon and injuries from a car accident, I completely let myself go. To the point that my son started making fat jokes about my weight gain.

And that’s something no dad wants to hear. We started working out together, and it was great for our relationship—but I was still gaining weight and losing hope.

Luckily, a buddy was turning 50 and asked me to join him in doing Insanity. I gotta tell you, it was rough at first. I did the fit test and wanted to puke. But I stayed with it. In a couple of weeks, I could see changes. By the time I finished, I had completely changed my fat, tired old body.

I lost 24 pounds—8% of my body weight—my cholesterol, HDLs, LDLs, triglycerides, and blood sugar are now awesome! I used to be addicted to food, but now I’m addicted to exercise and Shakeology®.

You know, for me, looking at other people’s success stories was a big motivating factor. I would look at people who were working to get the kind of body I wanted and that would keep me motivated to keep “pressing Play.”