Christmas Newsletter and End of the Year Deals!

Seasons Greetings!!

What an exciting time of year.  This is the time of year that I love as we seem to get together with family and friends more often, review what we have done in the past year, build memories and most importantly a time to share with others.

Of course over the past (almost) two years I have had the opportunity to meet, talk and share some fantastic experiences with so many of you.  And I can truly say that you have all changed my life personally.  We have team member that live as far as Dubai (she is at home in Texas for the holidays) and I have other team members that live right next door, but know that where ever you live I feel that you are part of my family and I want you to know that I am here to support you.

I want to give a shout out to two team members that have recently finished Insanity!!

New Years Resolution Deal!

For all Challenge Pack order until the end of the year not only will you get a great program along with Shakeology and free shipping but I will also give you a $25 TeamBeachBody gift card or a Copy of Revabs a $90 value(limited quantity of RevAbs and when they are gone they are gone).  Review the Challenge Packs HERE!!!

You don’t know what a challenge pack is for?  It is for a Challenge group which you can find out more information here: Challenge Group Information


Last June Beachbody changed the formula of the Regular Chocolate Shakeology reducing that amount of sugar and increasing the amount of Fiber.  In doing so they also changed the flavor and while many people did not mind the new flavor there was a good portion of people that did not care for the new taste.  Beachbody sprung into action and put a panel of 2500 customers and coaches together to come out with a flavor that is more appealing.  WELL I am happy to announce that the new flavor is out! If you are already on Shakeology Home Direct and receiving the regular Shakeology then you are set, if you haven’t tried Shakeology before now is your chance to try the most healthy meal of the day!  Remember there is a 30 day money back garentee and if you order it Home Direct the shipping is free and you can still cancel at any time!

See what is in the new Shakeology here.

Get your 30 day Supply with your 30 day garentee here.


Like always feel free to contact me with all your question and have a Happy Holidays!!

Coach G

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