Daily Success 1/27/2013 – I’ve always wanted to be big. And by “big” I mean massive, buff, intimidating


My whole life I’ve been the super skinny kid who was ridiculously strong. But I was tired of being that guy. I’ve always wanted to be big. And by “big” I mean massive, buff, intimidating. Ever since I could remember, my dream was to walk into a gym and OWN IT! Have jaws drop and eyes bulge. I didn’t want guys to think twice about messing with me. So that’s why I did Body Beast®! I wanted to pack on some serious mass and lose that little boy image I’ve been carting around my whole life. And BAM, that’s exactly what I did.

I gained about 5 lbs of lean muscle on P90X, and then 9 more with Body Beast. Gained 5 inches in my chest, and went from 21% body fat down to 9%. Beast pushed me to the max during every workout. There wasn’t a moment where I was bored or said to myself, “I’ve already done this before”—because I hadn’t. Beast showed me new ways to lift weights, and the nutrition guide told me exactly what I needed to eat in order to pack on the pounds.

I also started drinking Shakeology®, which has truly changed my life. Not only does Shakeology give me tons more energy, it has drastically improved my digestion, and just makes me feel healthier overall. Super Suma and Max Creatine are amazing, too, because they helped me push my limits!

Even though I’m the type of guy who does whatever it takes to get things done, my Beachbody Coach, was instrumental in my success. He was incredibly motivating, knowledgeable, and answered my questions on the fly. My Facebook group was very supportive and helped me out a lot.

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Now I feel so incredibly strong, healthy, and am ready to take on the world! People do double takes all the time and there couldn’t be a better feeling in the world than that. When asked how I did it, I tell them I UNLEASHED THE BEAST! Best of all, I’ve had to buy new shirts since my old stuff doesn’t come close to fitting anymore. XL shirts now fit me really well and my wife says she’s very happy with my results! Like they say: Happy wife, happy life. I can’t say enough about Body Beast other than IT ROCKS HARD CORE!

Daily Success 1/26/2013 – At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits.



At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits. My life consisted of working, eating, going to happy hour, eating more, drinking more, watching TV, eating even more, going to sleep—then repeat. And even though I tried losing weight with Weight Watchers and Herbalife, the results never stuck. Eventually, I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror because I was so disgusted with who I’d become. So when my doctor told me that if I didn’t change I wouldn’t see my 45th birthday—sadly, I hoped she was right.

Deep down inside I knew that there had to be more to life. So I asked God to forgive me for abusing my body and prayed for help. When I say, “Thank God for Beachbody®!” I mean it literally. I prayed, He answered. And He put not one, but THREE Beachbody programs, and Shakeology®, into my life.

First I did P90X®. My goal was to get strong enough to do a pull-up and REAL push-ups (not the “girl” kind). P90X was tough, but apparently, so was I. Then I moved on to Chalean Extreme® because I wanted to continue toning up while sculpting killer arms (which I did). My 3rd program was LES MILLS PUMP® which pumped up my flat-as-a-pancake calves and lifted my butt. When I started drinking Shakeology, my blood pressure and weight started to drop, and my hair and nails began growing like wildfire.

But even though I eventually had great success, the first 7 months were incredibly tough. I was only losing about 2 lbs. per month and was frustrated at how slowly my body was responding. Almost daily I wanted to call it quits, but right when I was about to walk away, Tony, Chalene, or Shaun T. would say something that kept me going. And then there was my wonderful Facebook group who encouraged me daily to push harder and not give up before “the miracle happens”.

It took a full year, but “the miracle” did happen. I dropped 5 clothing sizes and lost 50 pounds. I’m off my high-blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. And I finally love my body, and myself. Now I’m paying it forward as a Beachbody Coach, helping others achieve success.

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Coach’s Corner – How do you Hydrate?

Our bodies are made up of mostly water but we tend to neglect this most vital ingredient. Why is water so important what does it help us with and how much should you be drinking?!?!


An average man’s body weight is made up of 57% water!! That is a lot of water, and being that we have so much water in our bodies it is important to make sure the we are getting enough.

The lack of water can cause issues from tiredness, constipation, to plain old tiredness.

There are several ways to calculate how much water you should be drinking and one of them is to drink half of your body weight in oz. So if you weight 160 lbs you should be drinking 80 oz.

What about drinking to much water and water intoxication? What intoxication is the dilution of sodium in the body but is usually only seen in infants under six and sometimes athletes when they are sweating a lot. An adult with healthy kidneys can process up to 15 liters of water a day! So as long as you are drinking you water throughout the day and not all at one time you should be fine.

Food can also help or hinder you attempt to stay hydrated fruits and veggies like watermelon, squashes, apples, etc… can help you get the water you need through it is harder to determine how much water you are actually getting for our foods, on the upside many of these foods will provide you with nutrients that you need. On the downside foods with high sodium or diuretics can cause the need for more water and while in the right amounts can help the body function better, in large amounts it will cause the body to start retaining water.

So wither you are staying hydrated from drinking or from eating make sure that you stay hydrated to get the benefits of:
Better Body Temperature Regulation
Increased Body Lubrication
Improved weight maintenance
Toxin Removal
Physical Efficiency



Daily Success 1/25/2013 – I wanted to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandkids


I was tired of shopping in the Women’s Plus Size department, being completely out of breath from walking up just one flight of stairs, and shuffling through life with stiff knees and joints. I wanted to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandkids without needing help standing back up. I wanted to feel good about myself when wearing shorts or a swimsuit. And I really, really, really wanted to get off those high blood pressure meds that I’d been taking for the past 25 years. So I turned to my husband for help.

Being the fabulous Beachbody Coach that he is, he suggested I give Body Gospel a try—and thank God I did. Body Gospel was the perfect program for me. It was low-impact (which I absolutely needed), fun, spiritual, and uplifting. And since I’m a Christian and find my strength through the Lord, the praise and worship music was key to keeping me focused and motivated.

So far, I’ve lost 38 lbs., went from a size 18 to a 12, have ridiculous amounts of energy, and feel absolutely amazing! I’ve also ditched my two old blood pressure meds and have since switched to a very low dose. Friends constantly compliment me on my weight loss, and I recently had someone ask if I had gastric bypass surgery. Nope, I did it the right way—through diet and exercise.

Not only have I been blessed with an amazing husband whose support and encouragement has gotten me to where I am today, I’m also very thankful for my Facebook group, Stayfit, who helped keep me going when the times got tough. Without all this support, there’s no way I would have been this successful. My heart goes out to everyone. You all saved my life.

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Thursday Workout Review – Body Beast Build Chest and Tris

Review Beach Body’s Body Beast Build Chest and Tris.  Like bulk wasn’t hard enough in Build Chest and Tris, Sagi puts you through the ringer and really gets your body building.  6 set and 49 minutes of pushing, pulling and extending is going to get your muscles growing!!  Three days later and I am now just getting completely over the soreness.  Follow the Beast, Train like the Beast, become a beast!!

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Daily Success 1/24/2013 – I was still embarrassed about my body.



Since March 2012, I’ve completed P90X®, INSANITY®, and Les Mill Pump® and ended up dropping 45 pounds. But at 5’ 8” and 205 lbs., I was still embarrassed about my body. Still had love handles. And still had too much butt—especially for a guy. I had the workouts down, but they weren’t giving me the results I wanted. So I looked at my diet and realized that this meat and potatoes guy needed an overhaul in the inside. That’s when I turned to the Ultimate Reset® for help.

Got to admit, at first I was very fearful to give up meat, dairy, coffee, and caffeine. I was a carnivore and loved my morning jolt of Joe. But I owed it to myself, and to my family, to change. And change I did.

In 21 days on The Ultimate Reset, I lost 10 more pounds, significantly lowered my cholesterol and unhealthy LDL, and eliminated all caffeine and junk food from my diet. I’m now sporting a 32” waist and have more energy than ever. Now I can physically do things that I haven’t been able to do in decades—simple things like run and play with my kids without immediately getting winded. And I see muscle definition where it’s never been before.

And I owe my success to my wonderful Coach, and to my incredibly supportive Challenge Group. Without them, there’s no way I could have finished this program or be where I am today. Heather cheered me on from day 1 and constantly encouraged me to do more, get healthier, and push through. And because of her. My Challenge Group was great because they were encouraging while holding me accountable. And of course, Shakeology gets some credit, too. That delicious little shake was key to my weight loss by helping reduce my junk food cravings.

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So besides being healthier than I’ve ever been, one of the greatest rewards from doing the Ultimate Reset is that now my family and friends are asking ME about health and fitness, and are taking steps to change their lives, too. What a difference 21 days can make. Thanks Beachbody—you changed me for the better.