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Daily Success 4/8/2013 – I was extremely overweight and I’m not sure how I got there.

Before I was introduced to Beachbody, I was extremely overweight and I’m not sure how I got there. I was unmotivated, uninspired, and at 277 lbs.—I just figured that this was the way my life was going to be.
I started taking Mixed Martial Arts classes and I was seeing results but very slowly. A little after I started I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that could severely change my life, I knew it was time to get healthy, that’s when my life changed forever. During the holiday, one student taught a section on strength training and used INSANITY.

After class, I started talking to him and he spoke about INSANITY, Shakeology and Beachbody with such passion, I asked him to be my Coach right then. He suggested I start with Shakeology, and after losing 7 pounds in just two weeks, I called and asked: “what else you got for me?”

His answer? “INSANITY.” It was tough. But with his support and encouragement, I stuck with it for 60 days and lost 42 pounds! INSANITY was exactly what I needed. It was intense, but I loved the focus and the way myworkout continued to change. It was the hardest thing, but INSANITY gave me the cardio I needed to lose weight. When I was finished, I called him again and said, “that was awesome… what’s next?”

Since then, I’ve done INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Volume 1 and Volume 2, P90X, P90X2, LES MILLS Pump, (and INSANITY a second time because it’s my first love!). A year and a half later, Beachbody has helped me lose 93 pounds (out of my total weight loss of 138 pounds) and changed my life in such a positive way.

I am now a Coach and helping others. I remember when I started my journey with INSANITY, I sent my Coach a text that said, “I’m still alive… that was the craziest, hardest workout I’ve ever done! Can’t wait for Day 2!” There’s no way I would have had the success I had without my coach. Thank you for all the support through my journey!

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If I can help motivate and change one person’s life the way my coach helped me, than I will say I’m successful. I am truly blessed to be given this opportunity.

Daily Success – I ate terribly, but didn’t care


After my Army days were over, I spent the next 13 years not caring one bit about my health. I ate terribly, but didn’t care. I was gaining weight, but didn’t care about that either. And even though I never had any energy and my health was rapidly declining, I saw no way of making things better—so I just didn’t care much about anything. I had completely given up on EVER being in shape, or healthy again.

Then one day, my fiancé’s son and I started playing chase in the park, and within seconds of “running” after him, I thought I was going to die. And honestly, that probably wasn’t too far from the truth. But I didn’t want to die; I had a lot to live for. So I ordered LES MILLS PUMP® and Shakeology® and decided to change my life.

I chose Pump because I wanted to reshape my body while transforming my mind—and this program did NOT disappoint. The music got me going, and the trainers kept me going, longer and harder than I ever thought possible. I was enjoying Pump so much that I actually looked forward to my workouts, something I could never imagine saying before. And by starting every day with Shakeology, I knew my body was finally getting the nutrition it so desperately needed. Plus, it just melted off the pounds.

Now, after only two months of working out with Pump and drinking Shakeology daily, I’ve changed so much that I barely recognize myself in the mirror. So far, I’ve lost 59 lbs. and 13% body fat. I went from barely fitting into a size 44 pant to swimming inside of a 34. All my 2XL shirts are long gone and my closet is now stocked with larges only. My diet has done a complete 180 and I only eat home cooked meals that are packed with whole foods and lots of veggies.

And while it’s even hard for me to believe some days, I truly have become addicted to a healthy lifestyle. I’m now healthier, fitter, and happier than I’ve ever been—and all the credit goes to Beachbody. You guys literally saved my life. THANK YOU!!!!!

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Daily Success 1/26/2013 – At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits.



At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits. My life consisted of working, eating, going to happy hour, eating more, drinking more, watching TV, eating even more, going to sleep—then repeat. And even though I tried losing weight with Weight Watchers and Herbalife, the results never stuck. Eventually, I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror because I was so disgusted with who I’d become. So when my doctor told me that if I didn’t change I wouldn’t see my 45th birthday—sadly, I hoped she was right.

Deep down inside I knew that there had to be more to life. So I asked God to forgive me for abusing my body and prayed for help. When I say, “Thank God for Beachbody®!” I mean it literally. I prayed, He answered. And He put not one, but THREE Beachbody programs, and Shakeology®, into my life.

First I did P90X®. My goal was to get strong enough to do a pull-up and REAL push-ups (not the “girl” kind). P90X was tough, but apparently, so was I. Then I moved on to Chalean Extreme® because I wanted to continue toning up while sculpting killer arms (which I did). My 3rd program was LES MILLS PUMP® which pumped up my flat-as-a-pancake calves and lifted my butt. When I started drinking Shakeology, my blood pressure and weight started to drop, and my hair and nails began growing like wildfire.

But even though I eventually had great success, the first 7 months were incredibly tough. I was only losing about 2 lbs. per month and was frustrated at how slowly my body was responding. Almost daily I wanted to call it quits, but right when I was about to walk away, Tony, Chalene, or Shaun T. would say something that kept me going. And then there was my wonderful Facebook group who encouraged me daily to push harder and not give up before “the miracle happens”.

It took a full year, but “the miracle” did happen. I dropped 5 clothing sizes and lost 50 pounds. I’m off my high-blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. And I finally love my body, and myself. Now I’m paying it forward as a Beachbody Coach, helping others achieve success.

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Daily Success 1/23/2013 – Now I’m 15 pounds lighter, and a million times happier and healthier.


After losing our family business and facing bankruptcy back in July of 2011, I was both a physical and an emotional wreck. My life was spiraling out of control and “comfort food” was my crutch. My middle was growing bigger and bigger, which made me more and more depressed. Then one day, I had enough and ordered P90X2®. Unfortunately, my husband and I were both so far out of shape that we couldn’t do it, so we gave LES MILLS PUMP® a shot—and thank goodness we did.

PUMP was so much fun that we forgot we were working out. Not only were we both quickly losing a ton of weight, I was building muscle, lifting more weight than I ever thought possible, and could finally do push-ups again! I was so happy with my results that everyday I was tempted to climb out onto my rooftop and shout: “Workouts don’t have to be hard or horrible!”

And then there was Shakeology®, which played a huge role in my transformation as well. After just one sip, I was hooked. Not only does Shakeology taste amazing, it helped improve my digestion, lower my cholesterol, and gave me incredible amounts of energy. I’m so full of life from this amazing shake that I can’t imagine going through one day without it.

Now I’m 15 pounds lighter, and a million times happier and healthier. I look nothing like I used to and feel like a completely different person. Exercise triggered a part of my brain that changed my mood and gave me an incredibly positive outlook on life. I’m finally back in control and it feels great. Thanks!

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