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Daily Success 4/23/2013 – I hated my body—especially my belly fat.

Like most people who are overweight, I hated my body—especially my belly fat. I had horrible eating habits. I had clinical depression, excruciating pains in my feet, which made it impossible (I thought) to exercise. And my job didn’t help, either. As the manager of the dining room at a local country club, I was able to pick at food all day long.
Luckily, I had one thing going for me—my daughter became a Beachbody Coach. So being the nice mom that I am, I decided to sign up. She talked to me about Beachbody workouts and I chose Body Gospel® to help me lose weight, get in shape, and refocus on what’s important in my life—a deep faith and being healthy.

Body Gospel seemed like a perfect fit for me at my age. I loved the music and I started out slow because I hadn’t worked out for 30 years (although in my mid-twenties, I trained for the Miss Pittsburgh Body building competition). The first week, I modified a lot, but pretty soon I was keeping up.

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And then I discovered Shakeology. After about 5 days, I noticed that something was different. The pain that I had always felt in my feet and joints was gone. My headaches went away. And my mood was so elevated it was amazing. Now I can’t go a day without my Shakeology!!!!! I LOVE IT!

Best of all, everything has changed. I’ve lost 12 pounds. I have more energy than ever. I sleep well, wake up excited and ready for my day. And all my pains are GONE, GONE, GONE! And I have all the energy I need to play with my grandbabies and live a happy and healthy life!

I can’t give enough praise—Body Gospel and Shakeology have been a real godsend to me!

Daily Success 2/22/2013 – I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer



I was never really into exercise. But when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer, I knew my life was going to change drastically. After a total mastectomy of my right breast and chemotherapy, I was weak, depressed, and totally convinced that I needed to make some life changes.

So at the urging of my daughter and Coach, I started drinking Shakeology daily and incorporating exercise into my routine at age 71! I chose Shakeology because I wanted my body to receive all of the essential nutrients I need for adapting a healthier lifestyle. I fell in love with it and Shakeology is a big part of my daily routine.

And it has really helped now that I’m so much more active. I chose Body Gospel because I’m a Christian woman and it’s a faith-based program with up-tempo gospel music an exercise moves that make you feel like dancing and praising the Lord.

But I’ve always had stiffness and joint pain, so I chose to do Tai Cheng because it’s supposed to improve flexibility and relieve joint pain and stiffness. Guess what? They both worked. I’ve lost a few inches around my waist. But the best thing is the flexibility I’ve gained through Tai Cheng!

I love the way my body feels after exercise. I have more energy. I feel young. And both Tai Cheng and Body Gospel have made me appreciate my life more. I’ve stopped making excuses. I start my day off with a workout. And now I can keep up with my grand- and great grandchildren and enjoy my golden years with my husband. And for that, I give praise!

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Daily Success 1/25/2013 – I wanted to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandkids


I was tired of shopping in the Women’s Plus Size department, being completely out of breath from walking up just one flight of stairs, and shuffling through life with stiff knees and joints. I wanted to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandkids without needing help standing back up. I wanted to feel good about myself when wearing shorts or a swimsuit. And I really, really, really wanted to get off those high blood pressure meds that I’d been taking for the past 25 years. So I turned to my husband for help.

Being the fabulous Beachbody Coach that he is, he suggested I give Body Gospel a try—and thank God I did. Body Gospel was the perfect program for me. It was low-impact (which I absolutely needed), fun, spiritual, and uplifting. And since I’m a Christian and find my strength through the Lord, the praise and worship music was key to keeping me focused and motivated.

So far, I’ve lost 38 lbs., went from a size 18 to a 12, have ridiculous amounts of energy, and feel absolutely amazing! I’ve also ditched my two old blood pressure meds and have since switched to a very low dose. Friends constantly compliment me on my weight loss, and I recently had someone ask if I had gastric bypass surgery. Nope, I did it the right way—through diet and exercise.

Not only have I been blessed with an amazing husband whose support and encouragement has gotten me to where I am today, I’m also very thankful for my Facebook group, Stayfit, who helped keep me going when the times got tough. Without all this support, there’s no way I would have been this successful. My heart goes out to everyone. You all saved my life.

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Daily Success 12/29/2012 – being legally blind didn’t stop Isatel…



I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles in my life. I was born legally blind, but that didn’t stop me from being the first in my family to graduate from college and travel through Europe. Nothing really stopped me, except the extra weight I’ve been carrying. While in a Freedom from Obesity group at my church, I realized Body Gospel and Shakeology could radically simplify my weight loss plan. I’m not trying to be funny here, but thank God for Body Gospel. Honestly, it saved me.

The fact that I could worship God for His goodness and strength while I worked out was just awesome. I loved the music. I loved the daily devotions. It was just a great fit for me. Since I started the journey, I’ve lost 45lbs and no longer shop in the Plus Size store. Yay! Another miracle.

The other thing I discovered that really helped with my overall well-being was Shakeology. I recently found out that I’m gluten intolerant, which made planning my meals pretty difficult. With Shakeology, all I do is prepare my shake the night before and I’m good to go the next morning. I take the bus, so I always take my daily items with me. Not having to lug a bag full of stuff is a bonus. Not to mention that I have a sweet tooth, so the gluten-free chocolate-flavored Shakeology is a total treat.

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