Daily Success 1/24/2013 – I was still embarrassed about my body.



Since March 2012, I’ve completed P90X®, INSANITY®, and Les Mill Pump® and ended up dropping 45 pounds. But at 5’ 8” and 205 lbs., I was still embarrassed about my body. Still had love handles. And still had too much butt—especially for a guy. I had the workouts down, but they weren’t giving me the results I wanted. So I looked at my diet and realized that this meat and potatoes guy needed an overhaul in the inside. That’s when I turned to the Ultimate Reset® for help.

Got to admit, at first I was very fearful to give up meat, dairy, coffee, and caffeine. I was a carnivore and loved my morning jolt of Joe. But I owed it to myself, and to my family, to change. And change I did.

In 21 days on The Ultimate Reset, I lost 10 more pounds, significantly lowered my cholesterol and unhealthy LDL, and eliminated all caffeine and junk food from my diet. I’m now sporting a 32” waist and have more energy than ever. Now I can physically do things that I haven’t been able to do in decades—simple things like run and play with my kids without immediately getting winded. And I see muscle definition where it’s never been before.

And I owe my success to my wonderful Coach, and to my incredibly supportive Challenge Group. Without them, there’s no way I could have finished this program or be where I am today. Heather cheered me on from day 1 and constantly encouraged me to do more, get healthier, and push through. And because of her. My Challenge Group was great because they were encouraging while holding me accountable. And of course, Shakeology gets some credit, too. That delicious little shake was key to my weight loss by helping reduce my junk food cravings.

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So besides being healthier than I’ve ever been, one of the greatest rewards from doing the Ultimate Reset is that now my family and friends are asking ME about health and fitness, and are taking steps to change their lives, too. What a difference 21 days can make. Thanks Beachbody—you changed me for the better.