Daily Success 1/26/2013 – At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits.



At the ripe young age of 40, I was killing myself with destructive habits. My life consisted of working, eating, going to happy hour, eating more, drinking more, watching TV, eating even more, going to sleep—then repeat. And even though I tried losing weight with Weight Watchers and Herbalife, the results never stuck. Eventually, I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror because I was so disgusted with who I’d become. So when my doctor told me that if I didn’t change I wouldn’t see my 45th birthday—sadly, I hoped she was right.

Deep down inside I knew that there had to be more to life. So I asked God to forgive me for abusing my body and prayed for help. When I say, “Thank God for Beachbody®!” I mean it literally. I prayed, He answered. And He put not one, but THREE Beachbody programs, and Shakeology®, into my life.

First I did P90X®. My goal was to get strong enough to do a pull-up and REAL push-ups (not the “girl” kind). P90X was tough, but apparently, so was I. Then I moved on to Chalean Extreme® because I wanted to continue toning up while sculpting killer arms (which I did). My 3rd program was LES MILLS PUMP® which pumped up my flat-as-a-pancake calves and lifted my butt. When I started drinking Shakeology, my blood pressure and weight started to drop, and my hair and nails began growing like wildfire.

But even though I eventually had great success, the first 7 months were incredibly tough. I was only losing about 2 lbs. per month and was frustrated at how slowly my body was responding. Almost daily I wanted to call it quits, but right when I was about to walk away, Tony, Chalene, or Shaun T. would say something that kept me going. And then there was my wonderful Facebook group who encouraged me daily to push harder and not give up before “the miracle happens”.

It took a full year, but “the miracle” did happen. I dropped 5 clothing sizes and lost 50 pounds. I’m off my high-blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. And I finally love my body, and myself. Now I’m paying it forward as a Beachbody Coach, helping others achieve success.

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