Daily Success 1/27/2013 – I’ve always wanted to be big. And by “big” I mean massive, buff, intimidating


My whole life I’ve been the super skinny kid who was ridiculously strong. But I was tired of being that guy. I’ve always wanted to be big. And by “big” I mean massive, buff, intimidating. Ever since I could remember, my dream was to walk into a gym and OWN IT! Have jaws drop and eyes bulge. I didn’t want guys to think twice about messing with me. So that’s why I did Body Beast®! I wanted to pack on some serious mass and lose that little boy image I’ve been carting around my whole life. And BAM, that’s exactly what I did.

I gained about 5 lbs of lean muscle on P90X, and then 9 more with Body Beast. Gained 5 inches in my chest, and went from 21% body fat down to 9%. Beast pushed me to the max during every workout. There wasn’t a moment where I was bored or said to myself, “I’ve already done this before”—because I hadn’t. Beast showed me new ways to lift weights, and the nutrition guide told me exactly what I needed to eat in order to pack on the pounds.

I also started drinking Shakeology®, which has truly changed my life. Not only does Shakeology give me tons more energy, it has drastically improved my digestion, and just makes me feel healthier overall. Super Suma and Max Creatine are amazing, too, because they helped me push my limits!

Even though I’m the type of guy who does whatever it takes to get things done, my Beachbody Coach, was instrumental in my success. He was incredibly motivating, knowledgeable, and answered my questions on the fly. My Facebook group was very supportive and helped me out a lot.

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Now I feel so incredibly strong, healthy, and am ready to take on the world! People do double takes all the time and there couldn’t be a better feeling in the world than that. When asked how I did it, I tell them I UNLEASHED THE BEAST! Best of all, I’ve had to buy new shirts since my old stuff doesn’t come close to fitting anymore. XL shirts now fit me really well and my wife says she’s very happy with my results! Like they say: Happy wife, happy life. I can’t say enough about Body Beast other than IT ROCKS HARD CORE!