Daily Success 12/26/2012 – As a nurse Lana was taking care of other but not herself

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As a nurse, I’m really good at taking care of other people. But I’m not so good a taking care of myself. I think it started back in nursing school when all I did was study. Exercise was low on the list of priorities. The crazy thing is as a nurse you learn how many illnesses can be prevented if you just take care of yourself and exercise.

I didn’t want my husband or kids getting stuck caring for me because I chose to eat junk food and sit on the couch. I know that sometimes things happen in life, but the chances would be way slimmer if I just took control of my own health and made better choices. So I did.

I started with TurboJam and TurboFire. Chalene Johnson is such an inspiration with the things she says and how much fun she makes working out.

I saw other people’s before & after pictures and I knew that I could be one of those people. After a few months, I had definitely lost weight but I didn’t have the muscle tone I wanted. I found myself going back to how much I like Chalene, so I ordered ChaLEAN Extreme®.

All I had to do was get over my own hesitations about lifting weights. I thought it would be totally boring, but boy was I wrong. I have muscles now. And I think that’s awesome. When I look in the mirror now, I see my thighs getting thinner. I see a confidence I never knew before. And I like it. A lot.

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Daily Success 12/25/2012 – Blake’s triglycerides where almost double what they should be and cholesterol was bad all around.


I’ve never really had a weight problem; instead, due to poor genes, and poor choices, I had a “blood” problem. Even though I’ve always eaten pretty well and worked out regularly, at a Dr.’s visit back in March 2012, I got the grand ol’ news that my triglycerides were almost double what they should be, and my cholesterol numbers were bad in three categories. Naturally, my doctor insisted putting me on medication. But I begged her to give me six months to change things.

So I ate a little better, worked out a little more, and got retested. My results improved, but weren’t good enough. In my last ditch effort to stay off meds, I told my doctor about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program and made her a deal: “Give me 21 days on Ultimate Reset, and if the lab tests aren’t exactly where you want them to be, I’ll start popping pills. No questions asked.” Reluctantly, she agreed.

About a month later, my doctor called with my post Ultimate Reset blood work results and was blown away. And I have to say, so was I. My cholesterol dropped 37 points, triglycerides dropped 187 points (which is HUGE!), and I lost almost 11 pounds. All in just 21 days.

I’m so incredibly thankful for the Ultimate Reset. It literally saved me from having to take drugs—something I never, ever, ever want to have to take.

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Daily Success 12/24/2012 – After two miscarriages Michelle had severe depression



My life before TurboFire was a roller coaster. After I had my daughter, I got pregnant twice and each ended in miscarriage. The worst was going into early labor at 17 weeks and having to say good-bye to my son who passed away after birth.

I went into severe depression and just lost it. I couldn’t do anything. Didn’t want to leave the house. I just ate. I felt like I was worthless. I guess I just turned to food. My health spiraled out of control. I was unhappy and leading a completely unhealthy lifestyle.

My Beachbody Coach, saved me. He was hosting a TurboFire Challenge Group and asked me to join every night. Finally I gave in and said yes.

The program had great music and I used to be a dancer, so I loved the dance. But Chalene made the biggest difference. She is amazing. Whenever I want to quit, she is on my TV yelling, “YOU’RE NOT TIRED!”

When I started the TurboFire Challenge, I weighed 130 lbs.—when day 90 came, I weighed in at 112 lbs.! I even lost 13.5 inches overall. My entire philosophy has changed. I drink Shakeology. I’m more confident. I love the way I look. My energy levels are through the roof. And my husband and I are closer than ever!

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Christmas Newsletter and End of the Year Deals!

Seasons Greetings!!

What an exciting time of year.  This is the time of year that I love as we seem to get together with family and friends more often, review what we have done in the past year, build memories and most importantly a time to share with others.

Of course over the past (almost) two years I have had the opportunity to meet, talk and share some fantastic experiences with so many of you.  And I can truly say that you have all changed my life personally.  We have team member that live as far as Dubai (she is at home in Texas for the holidays) and I have other team members that live right next door, but know that where ever you live I feel that you are part of my family and I want you to know that I am here to support you.

I want to give a shout out to two team members that have recently finished Insanity!!

New Years Resolution Deal!

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Last June Beachbody changed the formula of the Regular Chocolate Shakeology reducing that amount of sugar and increasing the amount of Fiber.  In doing so they also changed the flavor and while many people did not mind the new flavor there was a good portion of people that did not care for the new taste.  Beachbody sprung into action and put a panel of 2500 customers and coaches together to come out with a flavor that is more appealing.  WELL I am happy to announce that the new flavor is out! If you are already on Shakeology Home Direct and receiving the regular Shakeology then you are set, if you haven’t tried Shakeology before now is your chance to try the most healthy meal of the day!  Remember there is a 30 day money back garentee and if you order it Home Direct the shipping is free and you can still cancel at any time!

See what is in the new Shakeology here.

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Like always feel free to contact me with all your question and have a Happy Holidays!!

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Daily Success 12/23/2012 – Gideon’s weight was out of control!


Yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes. But I never took it seriously. I figured as long as I take my insulin, I could eat whatever I wanted, right? Wrong. I thought I was in good shape—until the day I stepped on the scale and realized my out-of-control eating was putting me in real danger.

That’s when I realized I had to act fast. I knew my friend Jason had gotten awesome results from P90X, so I figured, that was my best hope. I tried P90X at the start of my journey and I was so out-of-shape, it took everything I had to get through the fitness test. So I switched to Power 90. It was tough, but I kept with it.

And that’s when I learned the greatest lesson of my life. In the past, if I slipped just once, I would give up. I’d quit. I was programed to fail. But Tony taught me to set realistic goals and NOT BEAT MYSELF UP.

That inspiration carried me through Power 90 and P90X. I lost 60 lbs., lowered my cholesterol, dropped 8 inches off my waist—and gained control over my diabetes! I’m using 50% less insulin, and I’m determined to keep going!

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