Daily Success 4/19/2013 – Gaining weight and putting on muscle was never easy for me.

Hey, most people here are trying to lose weight, but I had the opposite problem. I was always the skinny guy—gaining weight and putting on muscle was never easy for me. I was big into running, but hitting the gym was another story—it never really worked because I’d take breaks and talk to my buddies.
So when I cracked my kneecap, I wasn’t allowed to run. But I could lift weights. And since I’m a Beachbody Coach, I knew this was the perfect time to Beast Up with Body Beast. When I read “the Book of Beast,” I knew I had my work cut out for me—including taking in a ton of calories.

I’m an INSANITY and Asylum grad, so I knew the program would be hard. And I knew it would work, so along with two buddies, I got going…and loved it. The dynamic and super sets were fantastic. Body Beast is exactly what a weight lifting program should be. All the lifting I had done in the past was wrong.

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How do I know? I was shocked at my before and after pictures. I put on 7 lbs. of muscle. Added an inch of muscle to my arms, and 5 inches to my chest. I had shoulder muscle and back muscle definition for the first time in my life.

Thanks to Body Beast, I have proven to myself that with hard work and dedication, I can put on muscle. I am so proud of my new body. And I’m more confident than ever. I’ve found a new dedication to fitness. Now that I’ve “Beasted Up,” none of my buddies have the guts to call me “the skinny kid” any more. Next, I’m going after a six-pack!