Daily Success 3/26/2013 – The more weight I put on the more embarrassed I became.

I have always been an athlete, a trainer, and a contestant in fitness shows, but developed medical issues that produced sudden weight gain. After numerous tests, I had a medical condition where one of the symptoms is weight gain. The more weight I put on the more embarrassed I became.
Fortunately I began dating my future husband who had great success with P90X by losing 100 pounds. After a lack of success with different fitness routines, my boyfriend suggested I try the INSANITY program.

It was the best decision I ever made. I found it incredibly challenging and broke a sweat every workout. However one of the biggest factors that made all the difference was the INSANITY meal plan. I was allowed my healthy carbohydrates (rice, beans, sweet potatoes, oats) healthy fats (nuts avocados, healthy oils) and lean protein, along with fruits and veggies.

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I lost 17 pounds, which may not seem like a lot until you look at 3 five-pound bags of sugar in the grocery market. On the other hand, I gained some things too. I kicked processed food to the curb for organic and natural food. I regained my body and my confidence. After not competing for 3 years due to my medical condition and weight gain, I was able to step on stage and compete in a worldwide fitness show in Las Vegas in November 2012.

Best of all, the INSANITY program changed my medical condition, has allowed me to maintain the health I have and also the confidence I desire as I go about my everyday life.