Daily Success 1/9/2013 – I considered myself to be a “skinny/chubby dude”


Although I considered myself to be a “skinny/chubby dude,” obesity runs in my family. When my grandmother passed away on Christmas day from respiratory problems caused by her obesity, I knew I needed to do something.

So I bought a size 32 swimsuit when I was a 36 and used that for my motivation. I’ve done P90X, but after seeing the Body Beast infomercial, I knew this was the product that was going to change me. I knew how to lift weight up and down, but I didn’t know how to integrate exercises together to make my workouts more efficient. But Sagi showed me.

I love Body Beast because you feel like Sagi is right there with you. He gives “cues” to make sure you’re doing everything right and not injuring yourself. And he motivates you because you want to continue the workout and not give up because he is ‘looking’ at you.

This program is fun and it works. My main goal was to lose excess body fat whilegaining lean body mass, and I had really good results. I began my journey weighing 170 lbs. at 16% body fat, and I finished at 166 lbs. at 12% body fat!

Best of all, Body Beast has changed my life in a HUGE way. I am now a more confident person. I walk taller. I talk with a deeper voice. I have become a better man.

I did this for my grandmother and ultimately for my family, so they can see that living a healthy life is not hard to do. Body Beast taught me how to be healthy and fit just by eating the right foods and training the right way.

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