Daily Success 12/13/2012 – Gregg gained 30 lbs of sympathy weight

“I have always been in pretty good shape, but when my wife got pregnant, I gained 30 pounds in “sympathy” weight. I guess I traded working out for pigging out. And it showed.

Especially after my twin brother (who had always been the heavier one) started doing P90X. So it was my bro who motivated me. When I saw how he was doing, I knew I had to “bring it” to get results.

After my wife gave birth, it was hard to find time to work out, but I kept pressing play. After the first 30 days, I noticed that I had more energy. My face was thinner. And I was keeping up with most of the people in the video!

When I started using Shakeology, my results rocked! Then I bought P90X2 and loved it. I did RevAbs and my back pain went away. But I still had pounds to shed, so I manned up and did INSANITY. It was insane, but so far I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and 6 pant sizes. I weigh under 200 pounds for the first time since high school. My blood pressure has gone down. I don’t need medication for my heartburn.

And I’ve become a Beachbody Coach, helping others get in the best shape of their lives. Beachbody has completely changed my life and now, instead of pigging out, I’m addicted to working out. Thanks Beachbody!”

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