Daily Success 12/17/2012 – Tai Cheng brought her zen

I just… I felt fat and ugly. But I couldn’t stop eating. All the time. The unhealthiest foods, too!

The absolute worst was getting dressed for work. I knew my coworkers were super judgmental about weight. So I’d end up just standing there in the mirror criticizing myself!

Yes, I wanted to exercise, and I had high cholesterol, but I also had some physical issues that kept me from doing anything high-impact. Convinced that I couldn’t change my body no matter what, I became almost completely sedentary and depressed.

But one day on Facebook® I saw a former colleague of mine posting her results with Tai Cheng® and Shakeology®. It was incredibly motivating. But I was still convinced nothing could be done for me.

I was 100% wrong.

Tai Cheng and Shakeology have changed my life in so many ways. I’m more flexible now. I jump up instead of standing up slowly. I have more energy and stamina. At a recent doctor’s visit he praised me for my hard work. I’d lowered my cholesterol by 58 points, and had lost 22 pounds since our last visit—without medication—and he took me off one of my blood pressure meds too.

He even gave me a high five. My doctor!

I feel more confident and I’m getting compliments all the time. My husband tells me I’m melting away. And all I could say back to him was, “this is only the beginning.”

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