Daily Success 12/12/2012 – Judy kicked her addiction to coffee and dropped 11 lbs in 21 days!

My clothes were tight and didn’t fit. I was foggy-headed and couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t have energy to do anything except sit on the couch. I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. And yeah, I was starting to hit the dreaded pre-menopause years.

I just assumed this was how it was always going to be. Great.

Something had to change. Drastically. So I decided to give the Ultimate Reset a try. I really felt like my body had to de-toxify if I was ever going to get back to my old self.

Guess what? It worked. I felt fantastic. My cholesterol dropped by 102 points. I lost 11 pounds. I’m no longer addicted to coffee. I need less sleep. I’m clear headed. And I have so much energy. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do. And I FEEL 20 YEARS YOUNGER!

In my opinion, the Ultimate Reset is the best program Beachbody has developed (and I have almost all of them)! I mean, I have the Ultimate Reset to thank for getting my life back!
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