Daily Success 12/10/2012 Josh finally made his commitment with P90X2

Josh using P90X and Shakeology to meet his goals!

“I’ve been going to the gym since junior high, but I never got great results. My nutrition was horrible, I was a fast food junkie, ate tons of sugar, had a gut and I wasn’t happy at all.

I used to watch the P90X infomercial and say, “yeah, ok.” But when I finally met a guy who did P90X and saw the results he got, I decided it was time to get fit—-truly fit. So I did P90X, got awesome results. Then I slipped back to my old habits.

Maybe it was because I was working 10 to 12 hours a day, going to school and struggling to find time for my wife and four daughters. Maybe it was just that I needed another challenge.

But when I heard that P90X2 was coming out, I hoped it would be the program that would light the fire within me again. And boy did it ever! Combining the moves along with a sound diet and supplementation with Shakeology gave me the abs I was looking for-—in just 90 days! I lost fat. I got fit. I got more muscular.

But even more important—-I got happier and more outgoing. My day revolves around making healthy choices for myself and my family. I am constantly spreading the word about health and fitness and how Beachbody has changed my life. And this time, I am never going to stop Pushing Play!”

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