Daily Success 12/11/2012

By my second year of college I was 40 pounds overweight, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I knew I needed to make a change so I started eating salad and “working out” by going to the gym— when I had the energy to walk there. Shockingly nothing changed and I continued to feel bad for myself so I soothed my negative feelings with Ben and Jerry’s and macaroni and cheese and gained 15 more pounds.

It took God, my brother and a dress to change my life. I wanted to honor the body God gave me, and I vowed to get healthy. The perfect opportunity came when my brother proposed to his fabulously skinny fiancé! I refused to be the elephant standing next her in the wedding. So with a promise to God, a wedding quickly approaching and a beautiful vintage orange and pink dress hanging in my closet it was time I committed to changing my life.

I was finally mentally ready to make a change and the only question left to answer was How. After joining the Beachbody community and finding my amazingly positive and supportive coach, Katie, I learned TurboFire and P90X were the answer! They helped me transform my life from the inside out. Once I started the programs I began to think positively and believed in myself again. I was finally alive!

After 90 days of P90X, I lost 22 pounds. Before I had the chance to start another program I sadly sprained my ankle but I refused to give up and I continued to eat clean and lost 5 more pounds. AND once my ankle healed, I started TurboFire, and after 12 weeks I lost another 13 pounds. I’ve learned that I can do incredible things if I decide and commit. And in case you were wondering I look awesome in the fabulous orange and pink size 4 petite vintage dress that was waiting for me to finally start caring about myself and my health again! I feel great!

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