Daily Success 12/7/2012 Using 10 minute trainer Brenda changed her life!

“I was what you would call skinny fat. I hid it well, but my clothes kept getting tighter and tighter. I hated the way I looked and knew something needed to change. That’s when I met a great couple who are now my Coaches. I saw the incredible stories of lives they had helped change, and thought I would give Beachbody fitness programs a try.

I chose 10 Minute Trainer® to start with because I didn’t think I could do a longer workout. I loved the way my body responded to the program. I saw the cellulite start to melt off my arms and stomach and felt stronger every day. I also gave Shakeology® a try. It helped eliminate my junk food cravings and became a way of life.

My confidence has soared and my visible results have been amazing. But the achievement I’m most proud of is the fact that I didn’t give up when times were tough. I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of doing. I’ve also become a Coach and want to share my story with anyone who has ears to hear!”

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