Daily Success 1/23/2013 – Now I’m 15 pounds lighter, and a million times happier and healthier.


After losing our family business and facing bankruptcy back in July of 2011, I was both a physical and an emotional wreck. My life was spiraling out of control and “comfort food” was my crutch. My middle was growing bigger and bigger, which made me more and more depressed. Then one day, I had enough and ordered P90X2®. Unfortunately, my husband and I were both so far out of shape that we couldn’t do it, so we gave LES MILLS PUMP® a shot—and thank goodness we did.

PUMP was so much fun that we forgot we were working out. Not only were we both quickly losing a ton of weight, I was building muscle, lifting more weight than I ever thought possible, and could finally do push-ups again! I was so happy with my results that everyday I was tempted to climb out onto my rooftop and shout: “Workouts don’t have to be hard or horrible!”

And then there was Shakeology®, which played a huge role in my transformation as well. After just one sip, I was hooked. Not only does Shakeology taste amazing, it helped improve my digestion, lower my cholesterol, and gave me incredible amounts of energy. I’m so full of life from this amazing shake that I can’t imagine going through one day without it.

Now I’m 15 pounds lighter, and a million times happier and healthier. I look nothing like I used to and feel like a completely different person. Exercise triggered a part of my brain that changed my mood and gave me an incredibly positive outlook on life. I’m finally back in control and it feels great. Thanks!

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