Daily Success – I ate terribly, but didn’t care


After my Army days were over, I spent the next 13 years not caring one bit about my health. I ate terribly, but didn’t care. I was gaining weight, but didn’t care about that either. And even though I never had any energy and my health was rapidly declining, I saw no way of making things better—so I just didn’t care much about anything. I had completely given up on EVER being in shape, or healthy again.

Then one day, my fiancé’s son and I started playing chase in the park, and within seconds of “running” after him, I thought I was going to die. And honestly, that probably wasn’t too far from the truth. But I didn’t want to die; I had a lot to live for. So I ordered LES MILLS PUMP® and Shakeology® and decided to change my life.

I chose Pump because I wanted to reshape my body while transforming my mind—and this program did NOT disappoint. The music got me going, and the trainers kept me going, longer and harder than I ever thought possible. I was enjoying Pump so much that I actually looked forward to my workouts, something I could never imagine saying before. And by starting every day with Shakeology, I knew my body was finally getting the nutrition it so desperately needed. Plus, it just melted off the pounds.

Now, after only two months of working out with Pump and drinking Shakeology daily, I’ve changed so much that I barely recognize myself in the mirror. So far, I’ve lost 59 lbs. and 13% body fat. I went from barely fitting into a size 44 pant to swimming inside of a 34. All my 2XL shirts are long gone and my closet is now stocked with larges only. My diet has done a complete 180 and I only eat home cooked meals that are packed with whole foods and lots of veggies.

And while it’s even hard for me to believe some days, I truly have become addicted to a healthy lifestyle. I’m now healthier, fitter, and happier than I’ve ever been—and all the credit goes to Beachbody. You guys literally saved my life. THANK YOU!!!!!

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