Are you at your limit?


Happy Monday! There is nothing like using some weights to make your arms feel like they’re going to fall off on the first day of the week!!

I didn’t find my limit because I pushed and found I could do more, but I wrote down the weights I’m using and the reps I was able to do and I know next time that I can push just a little bit further and make myself a little bit better each time.

If grandma was still with us today!!

If my grand-mother was alive today she would be in heaven!! (Of course that is where is now, miss you grandma).

She loved her coffee but decided to go with out it for religious reasons but now wither you have personal reason or you are just looking for a healthier alternative solution to your daily cup of Joe you have to try this!!!

Cafe Latte Shakeology!! Absolutly amazing!! The biggest problem I have now is trying to decide what flavor to get every month!! 7 Flavors all winners!!

If you are interested, like or comment and we will get you set up!20160121_103802

Which way are you moving…

We are all in motion.

This is true in all areas of life, whether it’s help, fitness, education, or even riding a bike, if we don’t use our abilities, improve our abilities, they become bless sharp, less proficient or even obsolete.

This is the reason that we are told to never stop learning promise never stop moving, and continue to make herself better.

How are you making yourself better today?

Tips to move you in the morning!


Staying up too late does not helping motivation in the morning, but I have my goals before I hit 40 so up and at em!

Here a few tip help yourself get up in the morning from the book the mircle morning… 1. Set your intentions before Bed
2. Set your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to tuen it off.
3. Brush your teeth
4. Drink a full glass of water
5. Get dressed or jump in the shower 🚿

The path is seldom easy and straight…


We tend to mistaken setbacks as opportunities.

Yesterday while shoveling our driveway I took a spill. I tweet my left thigh muscle and we’ll have to modify my workouts completely to ensure a quick recovery.

Our path to whatever goal we have will never be a quick and straight line but instead will be a series of challenges that will keep us from having an easy path.

These are the times where we get to choose whether it is time to give in or it is time to push forward.

Tomorrow should be scarey


Tomorrow never comes but when we think about it it can scare us.

We as humans are creatures of habit and pattern. We like to know what is going to happen and will often choose an outcome that isn’t best for us because it is easier than dealing with the unknown.

Change is hard, scary and unsettling but change is where amazing things happen. It is time to stop regretting the things that we haven’t or aren’t doing and it is time to make our lives what we want of them!