Turkey cucumber sandwich


What did you have for lunch?
The cucumber turkey sandwich is always winner for me.

Tell 1/2 cucumber and slice in half long ways. Deseed the cucumbers with a spoon Shred two slices of turkey lunch meat and spread across the cucumber. Cut slivers of red pepper and spread over the turkey. Pour a small amount of olive oil over  the red pepper salt and pepper to taste

Love yourself to be your best!


Working out and exercising are about making yourself feel better.

With that being said you should the accepting of your body no matter where are you at in your life’s journey.

Some people exercise to look good but I feel that is just an added bonus. Exercise and eating right is about giving yourself the best chance of living a happy and more productive life.

So love your body no matter what shape it is in they give yourself the best chance to live healthy.

Having a schedule…


The first Monday of the new year! What is on your schedule?

This is the biggest time for New Year’s resolutions and it is a perfect time to make a change in your life. Those changes usually don’t last until February unfortunately.

Having a schedule, changing your life that doesn’t absolutely change everything, and Support are three things that can help you be successful in 2016.

Message me to get started as I have a fantastic group that will help support you, we can set a schedule that fits your life, nutrition that is easy and delicious, and of course I am here to help you make sure you reach all your health and fitness goals.