Weekly Newsletter 5/5/2013

Habits where are they leading you?

Your daily habits will determine the outcome of your life.  The secret to your success can be found in your daily agenda.  Successful people don’t just drift to victory.  Individuals who achieve big dreams don’t get there by accident.  The longer you practice good habits in a positive, disciplined, and focused way, the greater the chance your future will be positive.  The longer you practice bad habits, the greater the chance it will be negative.

Habits have a cumulative effect – but the results don’t usually show up until much later in life.  If the habits are bad, by the time the damage is evident, it’s often too late to alter the results.  That’s why you need to take control of your habits at your earliest opportunity!

Robert Ringer (Speaker and author), expounds on the power of positive habits.  “The world is saturated with intelligent, highly educated, extraordinarily skilled people, who experience ongoing frustration because of their lack of success.  Millions of others spend their lives working hard, long hours only to die broke.”

His solution?  Cultivate the right habits and practice them regularly.

Remember, life is nothing more than the sum total of many successful years; a successful year is nothing more than the sum total of many successful months; a successful month is nothing more than the sum total of many successful weeks; a successful week is nothing more than the sum total of many successful days.  That’s why practicing successful habits day in and day out is the most certain way to win over the long term.

Habits are important in achieving your dream.  If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.  If you want to hold on to your dream, then be prepared for a battle to change your habits because a bad habit never goes away by itself.

But you have to be willing to make such changes.  Won’t the effort be worth it if you know that down the road your new habits are going to get you closer to your dream?  Think of it as your very own undo-it-yourself project.

When we start a new program to change our lives it goes against the habits that we have created over the years.  This is why it is so important to schedule out our days and weeks.  It will feel un-natural to do something different but as we do stick to the new way of life and form new habits we will start reaching the goals that we ultimately want to achieve.

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