Daily Success 3/12/2013 – My body had become like a prison

I was addicted to food. My body had become like a prison I created one bite at a time. Even worse, I was living with out-of-control diabetes and had gained over 25 pounds. Was the stress and disappointment of trying to have a baby for two years driving me to unhealthy eating habits? You bet.

5-Jason-P90X-ShakeOBut it took one little thing to change the course of my life: hearing the heartbeat of my 7-week unborn son at the fertility clinic. That event alone caused me to do some serious soul searching.

I had seen Tony Horton’s P90X®infomercial on TV for years. I loved the concept. The energy. All the inspirational stories. I dreamed of my body looking as good as the people on the infomercial so I decided to take the 90-day plunge.

Talk about a complete program! Muscle strength days. Cardiovascular days. There’s even a nutrition guide, a workout calendar, and a complete breakdown of each of the workouts. How cool is that?

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Today, I’ve lost 30 pounds of pure blubber and over 12 inches off my waist. And thanks to Shakeology®, I don’t eat junk food and have been able to get my blood sugar levels under control. In fact, I’ve gone from 5 shots of insulin a day to just one. But the best part is that now I know I’ll be there for my children for years to come.