Daily Success 3/24/2013 – I was left alone, pregnant, with a young child to watch by myself

I’ve never had much self-discipline. But when my husband was deployed—and I was left alone, pregnant, with a young child to watch by myself— I really let go. I would just eat and eat until I was stuffed. I was depressed, and when I’m depressed, I just eat, and smoke cigarettes.
I woke up one day, stopped smoking—cold turkey—and decided, “this is the day I get healthy.” And I’ve never looked back.

My stomach is, and always has been, the area that I hate. I wanted to be able to sit down and not have a huge roll hanging out over my pants. So when I saw that Hip Hop Abs was on sale, I said, “Go big or go home, right?” I started slow and gradually built up. I liked Shaun T’s enthusiasm, but I also liked that there was always a person to follow that did a modified version. I followed her in the beginning to get into the groove.

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I lost a few pounds, and I’m happy about that. But I am even more happy that I lost inches. I feel better and have more energy. I never skipped a day, even over Christmas and New Year’s. And now I can even do portion control.  Now that my husband’s back, I am slowly pulling him in. I love it!