Daily Success 1/2/2013 – diagnosed with Lyme disease, Kurt change his life…


Three years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and its intense antibiotic regiment zapped ALL my energy. Since just getting out of bed was a huge struggle, exercising was out of the question. As a result, I gained a ton of weight. After a year of being completely exhausted and missing out on living life with my two teenage boys, I took matters into my own hands and joined a Fit Club where I was introduced to my Coach, Power 90® and Shakeology®.

Within the first 2 weeks of doing Power 90 and drinking Shakeology, I lost weight, gained energy, and felt a million times better. Now I eat 5 meals a day and Shakeology is always one of them. And I have to say, I truly believe that delicious shake was key to my increased energy and getting better sleep, which then gave me the oomph to workout.

Turns out, my greatest challenge was in my head and not what my body could or could not physically achieve. At first, I wasn’t sure I could do an “at home program” and stick with it for 90 days. But boy was I wrong! Working out at home was so much better than any gym experience I’ve had in the past. Tony and his team are very motivating. And the online Beachbody community was an essential part of my success.

In 90 days, I lost 18 pounds, a total of 11.5 inches, and dropped two waist sizes (36 to a 32). But my most important achievement has nothing to do with my looks—and everything to do with how I feel. Now I have so much more energy, sleep better, and my overall health has improved greatly. Thanks Beachbody. And my sons thank you, too.

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