Daily Success 1/28/2013 – I’ve always been the girl with the “pretty face”—not the pretty body



I’ve always been the girl with the “pretty face”—not the pretty body. I wore a women’s size 14 in 7th grade and ballooned up to a size 28 by age 17. To try and lose weight, I’d starve myself all day, only to binge at night. And simple things like walking down the street or carrying groceries left me completely exhausted.

Even though I hated myself and my body, I loved my two young boys and knew that if I didn’t lose weight and get healthy, I wouldn’t be around to watch them grow up. Thankfully, a friend encouraged me to give ChaLEAN Extreme® a try—and since I had nothing to lose but a ton of weight—decided to do just that. Instantly, I started to lose weight and my whole outlook on life began to change. Two months and 16 lbs later, I moved on to TurboFire® and my body transformed beyond my wildest expectations.

I was losing an entire clothing size every 4-6 weeks, and after three rounds of TurboFire, I’m now a healthy size 8. AN EIGHT! I hadn’t worn something that small since 5th grade, a far cry from “small” back then. But my physical transformation didn’t happen solely because I was working out everyday. Much of my success had to do with changing my diet and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology®. Not only does Shakeology taste amazing, it curbs my cravings while giving me peace of mind that I’m fueling my body with proper nutrition. Now I have tons more energy and my digestion has dramatically improved.

Since beginning these Beachbody programs 9 months ago, I’ve lost 90 lbs., went from a 49” waist down to a 32, and dropped from a size 20 to an 8. I feel strong, beautiful, healthy, and most importantly—EMPOWERED! I’m now a Beachbody Coach and a Certified Turbo Kick instructor.

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After 36 years of living in hell, I’m finally loving life. I believe that my life has played out just the way God intended,and despite all the challenges I’ve had to overcome, this was His plan for me. Now, I have the strength, confidence and know-how to help others transform their lives the way my Coach helped me change mine. Thank you Beachbody, and thank you Chalene, for giving me back my life!