Daily Success 2/20/2013 – I felt everybody was staring at the fat girl. So I didn’t go.



I used to hate going to the gym and working out in front of other people. I felt everybody was staring at the fat girl. So I didn’t go. And that left me out of shape, out of energy, and just about out of hope. At 242 lbs, I was completely disgusted with myself.

So I just gave up. I went into complete isolation and, yes, I was so low suicide was an option. I even had a plan. But I also had a friend who was a Beachbody Coach. And that might have saved my life.

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My Coach, sat me down and we called to order 10-Minute Trainer together. I was glad he pushed me, but when the box arrived, l still wasn’t sold—until I actually broke down and tried it. It was amazing. 10-Minute Trainer got me up and moving.

The first week was hard, but I kept at it and slowly added a second 10-Minute workout every day. It was amazing. I had more energy and started to really feel the results. My pants were getting looser and people started noticing. So I started adding Shakeology to my day and my cravings went away. Plus I had more energy. With the workouts and Shakeology combined, I ended up losing 29 lbs. in the first 2 months.

Next, I did the Ultimate Reset and ended up losing an additional 13 lbs. By the end of the UR, I conquered my depression and life was great once again. I’m most proud of my weight loss (42 lbs. total!), and from all of the workouts, I learned one very important lesson I CAN DO IT!