Daily Success 12/27/2012 – Up 65 lbs after an accident, Amy turned around her life…


I was in a horrible car accident in July of 2010 that reduced me from being a very active mom of 3 who was a pilot and a Roller Girl, to someone who could barely move without pain. I needed so many prescriptions and steroid injections just to be able to get up in the morning to attempt to tackle my day. As if the pain wasn’t enough to deal with, I gained 50lbs in just 8 months bringing my weight to 185 lbs.

I had always told my kids “you can do anything”… and now I realized it was time for me to show them. So I got my butt in gear, started drinking Shakeology daily and doing Rockin’ Body,  and as a Girl Scout Leader, I even introduced my girls to Shaun T’s Fit Club.

Shaun T is so motivating and brings so much to his workouts. I jumped full force into Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body — and haven’t looked back.

I still deal with a lot of pain from my accident every day, but my weight loss and improved muscle strength have helped. Plus Shakeology has allowed me to get off most of my meds. I never fell off the schedule or wavered once. I was too happy to risk it.

My life is incredible now. I’m finally able to put the tough times behind me.
I am now down to 120 lbs, less than I originally weighed at the time of my accident. I now know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and my kids have seen that too. They’re so proud of me. That’s what means the most to me. I didn’t just change my life. I changed theirs too.

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