Daily Success 2/4/2013 – With my wedding day fast approaching


With my wedding day fast approaching, I was determined to look spectacular! I was going to the gym, but I found myself stuck at a plateau… for about 6 months! With my wedding just around the corner, I was desperate. I needed to do something else—fast.

Especially since I had found this gorgeous dress that didn’t quite fit… yet. And believe me, that wedding dress turned out to be the best motivation. Because I was so stressed, I checked out several Beachbody workouts, but chose TurboFire… and found out it’s SUPER FUN!

I love the music, and I find Chalene Johnson to be such a great motivator. It keeps me going when she says, right in the middle of a workout; “You know what?! You are not tired! You are not tired!” She knows just what to say to get you to go that extra mile.

Once I started TurboFire, not only did I fit into that dress in no time, but I had to get it fitted because I’d lost so many inches so quickly. When that special day came, I felt beautiful and amazing in my wedding dress.

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It’s been a year since I started on this journey and I can honestly say that TurboFire and Shakeology (it tastes delicious!) has been the greatest thing to happen to me—besides my husband of course! That’s why I became a Beachbody Coach! Paying it forward and being able to help others is the least I can do.