Daily Success 1/12/2013 – Two year after the birth of my son…


Two years after the birth of my son, I shot back up to my maternity weight of 210 lbs. My size 18 pants were tight and I had zero self-confidence. My knees and back ached all the time, I was constantly tired, and I had chronic stomach problems. Sadly, even though I was angry, ashamed, and miserable—I wasn’t surprised. I had battled the bulge my entire life, just like my mom and sister.

But it wasn’t until I pulled a muscle in my back from picking up my two-year-old that I had finally had enough. Either I had to change now and set a good example for my son, or he’d turn out exactly like me. So I turned to Slim in 6® and other Beachbody Programs for help.

Slim in 6 was the perfect solution because it eased me back into working out and I quickly started losing weight. In 3 months I lost 50 lbs., went from 40% body fat to 24%, dropped down to a size 10, and am in better shape now than I was in high school. Simply put: I LOOK AND FEEL FANTASTIC!

However, I’m most proud of the fact that I’m setting a great example for my son. Even though he’s so young, he exercises with me all the time and is already learning healthy eating habits. And because of this, I truly believe he won’t have weight issues like I did!

Now I’m a happy and healthy mom and wife!

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