CoachGShort’s Newletter 12/9/2012 – Tips for the New Years

Here comes New Years!  We now only have three weeks until the New Year starts and that means New Year resolutions for many of us, but how many of us have made these resolution but failed to achieve those resolutions?  Here are a few tips that can help with making sure that you meet those goals this year and while these can be applied to any goals we are going to focus on working out.

  1. Set realistic goals – This can be difficult as we only have the results of others  when we are starting out.  So I recommend that people shoot for a 1/2 lbs. per week if you are trying to lose weight.  An example of a non-realistic goal is something like “I will not eat out all year” when you eat out 3-4 times a week.  Start small and workout up to your goal.  “I will only eat out 2-3 times a week.  This will only require a small change into your life.
  2. Plan ahead – Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.  Time is one if not the most valuable thing that we have, and is one of the things that we tend to waste the most of.  When setting a goal making sure that we schedule when we are going to be working on that goal(s) is essential.
  3. Outline Your Plan – Along with planning when you are going to work on your resolution it is important to make sure that you know what to do with the time that you have set aside for your resolution.  This is where BeachBody Programs come in so handy.  Set aside the time and follow the plan and you will improve.
  4. Why did you make your resolution? – Making a “Pro” and “Con” list will help you stay on track during the hard days.  Most resolution are a Marathon and not a Sprint meaning that we are working to change habits in our lives and that takes time.  So focusing on what we are able to do when we achieve our goals can help us push ourselves.
  5. Talk about it!  This is where accountability groups and having a coach comes in.  By having people to talk to and hold you accountable you are more likely to accomplish our set goals.  There is power in numbers and having a group of people going through the same thing that you are working towards can help motivation.  Having a coach to talk to and direct you will allow you direction when you are struggling.
  6. Reward Yourself – Having a goal that you are going to give yourself when you accomplish your resolution will give you the extra push for you to keep pushing forward.  Just make sure that your reward is not counterproductive to you goal.  Also remember with the Beachbody Challenge you always get a free t-shirt and the chance to win up to $100K!