Thanksgiving is over but the holidays are just beginning

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus…

As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close one big hurdle is out of the way but not by far are we in the clear.  As Christmas, Hanukkah and other celebrations approach, there will many parties and other opportunities for holiday treats to tempt us.

So the real question is how do we fight off these temptations and make sure that we aren’t falling off the band wagon?

Here are a few things that have helped me during the past Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc…

1. Set Goals – The first and most important thing is a goal.  Goals are our ultimate reason why we so almost anything in life.  If we know where we are going it is much easier to stay on the path.

2. Commit – It is one thing to commit but to really take it to the next level share your commitment with those around you, post it to Facebook.

3. Accountability Partner/group – Having someone to report your progress will help you keep you on track, just knowing that you have to report to someone is motivation not to eat that one sugar cookie or that piece pie.

4. Keep moving – Not only does working out help us stay on the path but you get to eat more food when you exercise.

5.  Food Journal –  We often don’t know how bad or good the foods are that we are putting in our bodies.  By keeping a food diary, we are able to see not only what we are putting in our bodies but also how we feel when we are eating the correct ratios of food.  You can either is a classic book form diary or use your Smart Phone or computer to track using a program like or Calorie King.

6.  Eat your food.  Many people will cut their calories to an extreme level (FYI.. sometime a 500 calorie deficit is extreme) which deprives the body the fuel that it needs to run correctly.  Eat enough food and take a multi-vitamin.

7.  Plan, Plan, Plan – one of my favorite sayings is “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.”  When a choice is placed in front of us, we have to make a decision of what to do and if we have cravings at that point it is hard to make the right choice, but if we have taken the time to decide what we should do before we are presented the choice we are much more likely to choose the healthier choice.

So what is your goal, do you have someone to share your food and exercise goals with?  Do you have your workouts planned?  Are you tracking you food?

Are you ready for the Holidays?

October’s Success Story

Challenge Group Update

I want to give a shout out to Janel (TurboFire) week 10, Erica (Insanity) week 4 and Ryan (P90X) week 2 for their continued progress.

And I want to send out a congratz to Adam, Zepuur “Z”, Ben, Cynthia, Barbie, Elizabeth, Steven, and one more person??? As the will all be starting Insanity on the 3rd of December,  additionally Dave is also going to be starting P90X.

I have a P90X/Power 90 group starting on the 7th of January and I already have 2 people committed so the spots are filling up quickly, I will also be starting a other groups so get your spot now by messaging me.  If you want to start earlier contact me and we will get you started.

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Gregory Short