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P90X2 Pre-Order

September 1st, 2011 @ 9 AM you will be able to pre-order the most anticipate home workout video ever!!  P90X2!!!

This is expect to sell out for Christmas so order your now!!!

Order Site

Checkout some of the sample videos:

P90X2 Base Kit:

  • 12 workouts on 13 DVDs or 4 Blu-ray discs
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 90-day Workout Calendar

P90X2 Deluxe Kit:

  • Includes everything in the P90X2 Base Kit, plus:
  • 2 Bonus Advanced P90X2 Workouts
  • 1 Foam Roller
  •  2 8-lb Medicine Balls

P90X2 Ultimate Kit:

  • Includes everything in the P90X2 Base Kit, plus:
  • 2 Bonus Advanced P90X2 Workouts
  • 1 Pro-Grade Foam Roller
  • 1 55cm Premium Stability Ball
  • 2 8-lb Medicine Ball

Fund Raising yard/bake sale!!!

Faith and Robert Nielsen

These two children are going through a lot of physical complications in their journey of life and as such are making quite a bit of runs to hospitals and specialists to find out more specifically what is going on in their bodies.

Faith was born with hypotonia, which is loose ligaments, making her too flexible and hip dysplasia which means her hips are not fully developed making her asymmetrical.

Robert was also born with hip dysplasia, yet not as severe as Faith’s, and he has two holes in his heart making his heart pump more to keep up the oxygen required to maintain his body’s functions.

Both children are smaller than average (which makes them much cuter!) and their airways are also smaller making it more of a task to work on them; as well as their ear canals, among other things.

To help cover the cost of medical expenses that occur a yard/bake sale is being held to help them live a “normal” life.  Insurance will only cover so much and the rest has been up to the family and those around them.

So please come out to help support the Nielsen’s this Saturday August 27, 2011 starting @ 7 A.M. Located at 586 N. 100 E. Lehi.  The yard sale will be huge and include Furniture, electronics, clothes, books, toys.

Summer End Work Party

Last night we had a fantastic night at the Pool with my work.

Besides when we were eating I don’t know if my son got out of the water.

We had fun and made a little money. My kids got $4 and $5 a piece doing a dive for dollars. Then I got $16.50 diving for dollars, and then $20 for being able to hold my breath longer then anyone else in the company (someone said that they thought it was for over 2 minutes!!), and then lastly I won $25 in the Raffle.

Here is a picture of the kids


Timpanogas Hike

On the 13th of August I climbed Mount Timpanogas with my sister, her friend Frank, and my father-in-law.  Everyone needs to do this hike as it was incredible.  Below are about 30 out of over 100 pictures of the hike.

We left just before 7 AM.

Here is the father-in-law trekking along.


First snow that we came across.

First Snow that we had to cross, you can see my sister.

We had to cross three more snow banks which took us over an hour as on many of them we had to wait our turn as there were quite a few people making the trek up the mountain also.

This is my favorite waterfall as you have to walk behind it to continue on the trail.

Beautiful view of Heber Valley and Jordanelle Reservoir.

An awesome meadow right before you get to Emerald Lake.

First View of the top!!

Not much of a lake but there it is Emerald Lake.  I later filtered some water out of it and it tasted perfect and very cool.

There is the glacier that I slide down, check out the video at the end.

T.E.R.T (Timpanogas Emergency Response Team) Shack.  A great group of volunteers that help people who have any issues on the way up.  They even filtered water for people who didn’t bring enough.

Here are a few Mountain Goat.  There were probably 25 – 30 up in the meadow by Emerald Lake.

This was my least favorite part of the hike last time I climbed Timp but this year it was a breeze.  I thank P90X Plyo :D

Finally made it through all the rough stuff now for the views!!!

Sis and me with Utah Valley and Lake in the back ground.

Click on the link for a 360 degree picture of the saddle:

Panorama of Heber Valley

 Some steep switch backs from the saddle to the peak.

360 degree view of the top of Mount Timp:

Official Survey marker so you know I didn’t make up the whole story.

Emerald Lake from over a 1000 feet above, not a cliff that I would want to get any closer to.

And this is the glacier that I slide down.  Now I have done it before and sadly this was probably the last time I will do it (at least the last time without long pants and an ice pick).  Why do you ask, just watch the video below.

After a 7 hour hike down the mountain on a sprained foot (I got x-rays and nothing is broken), I would do it all over again because it was incredible of a hike.

[fgallery id=2 w=450 h=385 t=0 title=”Stewart Falls”]

Trip to Cabelas

So how do you prep for a 14 mile hike when you live in Lehi?  Thats right you have to take a trip to Cabelas!! I don’t know how many of you have been to Cabelas but their stores are big so I took my son along for the journey.

First we had to take a swim with the trout!





Here is the boy with what he calls the wisker fish (The black one pointing straight up).


I am swimming with the fast trout.






Then we visited the safari and the artic!

Then we found the largest Black Bear skull ever, look how big it is compared to my son!

And finally we finally got what we were looking for a water filter and some new hiking shoes (Lets hope that the salesmen is right and I don’t have to break them in.And I got the shoes on clearance!!

Clark Planetarium & We Are Astronomers free screening

What a fantastic place for the family to spend some time together.  They have a lot of exhibits that you can go through and play with and there is a lot of information about NASA and the universe in general.  This is the first time that I have been to the Clark Planetarium and I think that last time I went to the old Hansen Planetarium was in High School for one of their laser shows.

Before the show we took a little stroll on the Moon and then headed over to Mars!



The boy is having a little trouble breathing without and oxygen, LOL!


Me and the kids on Mars!







The dome theater was impressive and unlike a regular movie you want to be at the very back of the theater to make sure you can see the whole ceiling.  I used a program 360Panorama recommend by my Friend Sean Blake to take the picture above.  Look at the 180 degree view here

We are Astronomers


Do you know what an astronomer does? Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. We Are Astronomers reveals the global collaboration, technology and dedication required to answer the unresolved questions of the Universe.

We Are Astronomers narrated by David Tennant is an exciting new 360° Fulldome digital planetarium show.

On Saturday and Sunday Aug. 6th & 7th @ 1:30 PM Clark Planetarium will be holding a speical screening.  It is a first come first server seating so come early and we will see you there!

WAA Trailer 1 from NSC Creative on Vimeo.