Fund Raising yard/bake sale!!!

Faith and Robert Nielsen

These two children are going through a lot of physical complications in their journey of life and as such are making quite a bit of runs to hospitals and specialists to find out more specifically what is going on in their bodies.

Faith was born with hypotonia, which is loose ligaments, making her too flexible and hip dysplasia which means her hips are not fully developed making her asymmetrical.

Robert was also born with hip dysplasia, yet not as severe as Faith’s, and he has two holes in his heart making his heart pump more to keep up the oxygen required to maintain his body’s functions.

Both children are smaller than average (which makes them much cuter!) and their airways are also smaller making it more of a task to work on them; as well as their ear canals, among other things.

To help cover the cost of medical expenses that occur a yard/bake sale is being held to help them live a “normal” life.  Insurance will only cover so much and the rest has been up to the family and those around them.

So please come out to help support the Nielsen’s this Saturday August 27, 2011 starting @ 7 A.M. Located at 586 N. 100 E. Lehi.  The yard sale will be huge and include Furniture, electronics, clothes, books, toys.