Getup and get down!!

So much laying down and standing up! Who knew that was such a workout?  I even had to drop my weights down to 5 lbs on one of the exercises at the end.

Also listened to @lukus.grahamers new album which sounds like a winner!

Don’t ever think that you can’t change.


When I was 34 years old I figured that I was destined to be 30 lbs over weight with body fat 20% body fat.

All I needed was the right program and now I am living proof that you can write your own story.

What is the difference?


Is it time that you looked at your life and decide what is most important to you?  Are you committed to it or is it just an intrest?

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Clean eating Challenge is ready to get started!!

Menu – Check
Shopping List – Check
Not having to think what you going to eat next week – Check

Join us next week for amazing food and see how weight loss can be nutritious and delicious!!

Make the food, share the picture of your food and you could win!  I am excited to share.  Just click on the link and come join us!!

Sign me up for a dose of failure please

Through out history men and women have failed.  It happens to all of us at one time or another, but the question is what are you going to do about it?

Failure isn’t such a bad thing if we look at it the right way.  Failure can be the best teacher, and help us to stay humble and grounded to what is really important.

So when we do fail we have the choice to curl up into the fetal position or we can choose to learn and do better.

Here are three examples of people that choose to learn and continue moving forward no matter the set backs.

Four strikes and you are out?

Between the years of 1843-1855 R.H. Macy opened 4 stores all which dwindled and failed but did that stop him from moving forward?

Not only no, in 1858 R.H. Macy open the 1st of what is now a chain of almost 800 stores.









How many times would you have to be told “No” before you gave up?

1, 10, 100, over 1,000?

Harland David Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders endured being told no over and over again.  Carrying his secret mixture of herbs and spices to find the one yes.

It has gone to become the second largest restaurant chains with around 19,000 outlets in 118 countries and territories.

Even if you don’t like his chicken, you have to love his determination!



How would you react to…

  • Losing your mother to illness at the age of 9
  • Losing your job due to your boss making poor business decision
  • Losing a election where you just need to be in the top 4 vote getters
  • Borrow money to start a business, business fails and end up paying not only portion but the portion of your partner who passed away after the business closes its doors
  • Fiance dies
  • Ran for Congress but failed to achieve his party’s nomination
  • Was beat out for prominent federal position when the Secretary of the interior choose someone else
  • Unable to attain a seat for the US Senate twice
  • Won the election to become the 16th President of the United States.

Can you imagine how the course of history could have been changed if any of these set backs kept him from moving forward?

  • abrahamlincoln1


So the next time you have a set back, remember that failures are events and they do not define who you are.  I have no doubt that Lincoln, Macy or Sanders would tell you the exact same thing!