What is your WHY and what are you doing with it?

What is your WHY?

So every week I send out a message to all of you in hopes that I can touch the life of at least one new person.  To help change your life so that you may have an easier time with work, life, and be an example to those around you.  As I approach two year of being a BeachBody coach I have been able to help so many people and each one has enriched my life and strengthened my commitment to reach out to more people.

So this week message is just to ask you a few questions and then to ask you to step out of your comfort zone.

  • So first where were you 5 years ago and were you better off physically then or now?
  • If you where in the shape that you wanted to be in how would it change you?  Would you be more comfortable at the beach/swimming pool?  Would you be off medication?  Would you be an example to your friends, parents, and kids?  Would you be less worried about your families history of diabetes, cancer, or other illness?
  • What would you do if you could not fail?
Think about these questions.  We are all in different places, we all have different WHYs but after you have answered these questions I need you to step out of your comfort zone and contact me.  Let me get you into one of my support groups and lets turn those WHYs into “Why not me”.I am here to help but I cannot help without you reaching out to me!  So reply to this email, pick up the phone and call but don’t let another day go by without improving your life!!Contact Info:

Phone #801-419-9417

Email: me@coachgshort.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gshort76

Team Facebook Page: Team Engage with CoachGShort

Saturday Virtual Fit Club

Last Saturday we did some Insanity and wow what a great workout and it pushed me to my limit!  This Saturday we are going to take it down a small notch be doing a workout from Les Mills Combat!!  Come check it out!!  The workout starts at 10 EST/9 CST/8 MST/7 PST and will last roughly an hour.  Bring a towel and your water and get ready to punch and kick yourself into shape!

BeachBody March Deals!!!

This is the last week of such fantastic deals!!  But right now with it being the last month I am going to make it even sweeter!!  For any Challenge Pack that is ordered (that is a workout program and Shakeology) I am going to throw in a $25 ecard in!!  So if you order P90X or P90X2 Challenge pack not only will you save $80 you will be getting another $25 so over $100 in savings and extras.

Details and Deals:

Slim In 6Hip Hop AbsUltimate ResetP90XP90X2

Upcoming Challenge Groups!

If you don’t see the program that you would like to do click here and send me a message and we will get you started!!

Upcoming and Past Trainer Chats

  • Ben Tang – March 21 at 4:00pm
  • Tony Horton – March 25 at 6:00pm
  • Steve Edwards and Denis Faye – March 28 at 4:00pm
                           *All times are ESTWatch Live Here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/beachbody-hq

Last weeks Chats:

Dan and Rach (Les Mills Combat)

Debbie Siebers

Ben Tang (Les Mills Pump)

Important notice!!Have you ever been “grand-fathered” into something? You know, the moment you feel like you got an awesome deal for acting at the right time? Then listen up because that time is NOW!!Shakeology is increasing by $.33 a day for the original flavors, however, the vegan formulas are staying the same. It’s still a great value at just $4.33 a meal but you have the opportunity to get an even better deal than that.

You see, when Beachbody launched Shakeology, gas prices were less than $2/gallon… We are paying over $4/gallon now! Wit the price of gas increasing over 125%, that impacts every raw ingredient price and has resulted in dramatic shipping rate increases, but Shakeology’s price only increased 8.33% during that same period of time. It’s always tough to deal with a price increase, but believe me we have done all we can do to deliver Shakeology at a value and in any previous pricing model I have used, Shakeology should be priced closer to $189-$199… So the overall increase to ORIGINAL flavors is $10… But here’s the great news…

If you are on Home Direct now… You are ALL LOCKED IN to the CURRENT Shakeology price. That means you KEEP your $119.96 rate AND FREE SHIPPING (saving you an additional $12) and are GRAND-FATHERED in to hold that price for L-I-F-E.!! If you’re not, on April 1st the price is going up. So, if you have been on the fence, NOW is your chance to get LOCKED in for a special price…. you can still opt out whenever you’d like, but who would want to when you can save $120 a year?

Click Here

Like always please contact me so that I can start helping you achieve your goals!!Greg Short801-419-9417
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gshort76
Team Facebook Page: Team Engage with CoachGShort