Weekly Newsletter – Motivation VS Inspiration

Motivation VS Inspiration

So in the world of working out (really in anything that we do) the hardest thing to do is in the long run is keeping motivation and continue to keep up the consistency of whatever that we choose to do.

If you have followed me for a while than you have probably have heard me say “Use other people and their story as Inspiration and don’t use their story as a measuring stick.”  Depending on how you look at stories from Beachbody or from other source it can be looked at in two different ways and I have heard both from team members over the past two years.

The first way is looking at as a Measuring Stick.  I had someone say half joking say I followed the program and ate right and I didn’t lose 30 lbs like the person on the infomercial.  It is important to remember that each of us is in different places in our lives and in different physical conditions.

The second way and the correct way to look at motivational stories is to look what can be done.  Understand that people had to change their lives and in many cases are still changing their lives to improve their health.

These are great examples of Inspiration but what is Inspiration?

The act of influencing or suggesting opinions

The main thing to notice is that inspiration does not do anything to bring you to actually do work.  It only influences or suggests.  That is where motivation comes in.

Motivation is: force, stimulus, or influence : incentivedrive

I have had many people come to me and say that they need help because they know they need to change but they don’t have the motivation I attempt to help them find why they are talking to me.

What is it that motivates them to change the way they have eaten for year, acted for years and many time comfortably lived for years?  While each person is different no matter what the reason no matter what it is, it needs to be personal and it needs to be stronger then sore muscles and convenient un-healthy fast food.

I post daily, inspirational quotes, pictures and stories but these are there to support your motivation but it will take personal drive to and a person motivation for you to get up and start changing your life.

So contact me and let us find that motivation and harness it and lets change your life!

This is what no one else can do for you this is what each one of us needs to find in us to help us push forward each day.

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