Team Success Story – Geoff Furr

So I went to the doctors office for my 3 month follow up and had to share some results. Just to let you know my history, when I started my fitness journey I was a type 2 diabetic that was pretty much un-managed even on the highest allowable dose of metformin (an oral medication). Additionally I was on high blood pressure medication. Midway through my first round of P90X I was taken off of both medications because my numbers were normal and in the case of blood sugar was dropping too low on the meds.
Well I’m in the beginning of my second round of X and so far here are the results: 40 Lbs lost …
Shirt size went from 2XL to large and even those are getting too lose! Pants size went from 38 to 34 waist My A1C level dropped from a 7.2 in mid September to a 6.1 today! (If you don’t know an A1C number is a 3 month average of you blood sugar level. Lower numbers are better. My doctor was thrilled at my 7.2 number in mid September because a 7.1 or lower is considered a standard of care to be managed for a diabetic.
Now that I am at a 6.1 I am no longer in the diabetic range, pre diabetic but not diabetic! At the next appointment I expect to be below 5.7 which puts me at completely normal!) My total cholesterol is 135 with an HDL of 84 and an LDL of 39, need to raise that good cholesterol up a bit but continued good eating and Shakeology will help with that. Doc said so will red wine! Sounds like a good plan once I am at my goal weight but not yet ;)
Kidney function, blood counts and everything else is perfect! Doc walked in the room and said “dude you are doing awesome”

Congratz Geoff and keep up the good work!

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