Daily Success 3/29/2013 – I knew I was better than late night ice cream trips

As a physical therapist and a former college athlete, I was a relatively active person. But I knew I was capable of a healthier, more productive life—especially with my diet. I knew I was better than late night ice cream trips or fast-food cheeseburgers for dinner.


And that’s where P90X2 changed my life by providing an awesome workout and a solid, fool-proof “map” to success. For me, it was as easy as learning the percentages of macronutrients—protein, carbohydrates and fat—and “Pushing Play” five days a week.

Another huge help was my Facebook group—the X2 Crew. We were all doing P90X2 for the first time. We were all on the same schedule. We all shared nutrition ideas, recipes, workout ideas, and even had challenges with each other. It was a “game changer”—having the support of so many people was what I had been missing in my fitness.

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And it helped. I had great results through P90X2. I received numerous compliments from my family, friends, and coworkers about my new look. I achieved my goal of losing unhealthy body weight while building lean, “cut” muscle. And I am now better able to do my job as a physical therapist.

Best of all, P90X2 and the nutrition guide helped me not only to succeed for 90 days, but also to continue my new lifestyle beyond the 90 days… for the rest of my life.