Daily Success 4/29/2013 – I was far from home, stressed, depressed, totally alone—and massively overweight.

Growing up, I was always super skinny. But after having my second child, I was left weighing 190 lbs. —and I hated it. After running 4-6 miles a day, I lost 10 lbs. but that was it—I hit a plateau I just couldn’t break. I mean, all that running in the hot sun…and nothing. So I gave up.
I felt totally defeated. But when my Army husband got orders to move to Germany, that’s when my life totally fell apart. Our first three months were in a hotel, so I was far from home, stressed, depressed, totally alone—and massively overweight.

But when I saw an INSANITY infomercial, it suddenly clicked. I love fast-paced exercise. INSANITY sure didn’t look boring. And all that sweat dripping off… My husband ordered, and that became my hotel room workout. At first it was hard—so hard I could barely keep up and barely finish half a workout. But I kept pushing play and doing what I could and found myself getting stronger. The weight was coming off.

So I started my second round, but this time, I fueled up with Shakeology, and my results started coming faster and faster until I was down to 141 lbs.! Now I’m back. I’m happier and more energized than ever. My kids have an active mommy and they know that’s better than having a sluggish one. The best part is that I can actually keep up with my Army husband!!!

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After having 2 kids and a C-section, I was scared to try INSANITY because I didn’t think I could keep up. Truth is, I couldn’t at first, but week by week I got stronger and pushed harder. I think every mommy who struggles with weight loss should push themselves hard because losing weight after having kids is a whole new ballgame. But a person will never know what they are capable of until they overcome their fear of failure.

And that’s exactly what doing INSANITY did for me.