Daily Success 4/18/2013 – I hated the fact that I couldn’t leave the house because I had nothing that fit

I really didn’t have a life before my weight loss. But thanks to Chalene Johnson, my Coach, and Turbo Fire®, my life has done a complete 360!

I had tried so many times to lose weight and get healthy, but there I was—I hated the way I looked in the mirror, hated the fact that I couldn’t leave the house because I had nothing that fit. And hated the fact that I didn’t have the energy or the endurance to play with my kids. I felt so guilty—I knew I should be a better Mom.

But the final straw came when my doctor put me on cholesterol meds and I was rushed to the hospital with an allergic reaction to the cholesterol medicine. That was it. I was done. Then I came across Turbo Fire and my life changed for good.

I felt as if I was actually in the class and Chalene had really saved the best seat for me. When she said, “You’re not tired,” I believed her and kept pushing. When I had the chance to work out with her live, I drove 15 hours to meet her and felt like Chalene had been a friend for life. Her personality and enthusiasm were awesome—exactly what I needed for that extra PUSH!

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I lost 49 pounds with Turbo Fire in just 90 DAYS!!! My transformation was amazing and it changed my life forever. I loved that I was trading fat for muscle as I went from a size 14 to a size 3. I can and DO play with my kids—and I’m proud that they even work out with me.

But I am just as proud of the fact that I have lived two of my biggest dreams—I have become a Diamond Beachbody Coach and a Turbo Kick Instructor, using my passion and my journey to help and inspire others to achieve their goals as well.

Before, I used to look for a “magic pill” or a “Body in a Bottle.” But I’ll never forget the day my Beachbody Coach, told me that I already had the only tool I ever needed—just commit and through Fitness + Nutrition + Support, I had all I needed to succeed. Now I know just how right she is.