Daily Success 3/7/2013 – At 76, my greatest challenge was admitting that I needed help.

At 76, my greatest challenge was admitting that I needed help.28-Jeannette-TaiCheng-ShakeO

But my life was miserable. I was technically “obese.” My cholesterol and blood glucose levels were out of control. The muscles in my shoulders and back felt as if they were tied up in knots. I had excruciating lower back pain. I had severe depression. And my doctor said I had pre-diabetes.

But I had one thing going for me—my daughter was a Beachbody Coach. So when she said she had a non-impact program I could do at home, I told her I would participate in her first Challenge Group. I have never been someone who enjoyed going to the gym, so Tai Cheng was just what I needed.

At first, it was tough. But Dr. Cheng offered many modifications, which built my confidence as I slowly built my strength and stability. When I started, I couldn’t stand on one foot and lift my other leg in the air without holding something for balance. My Challenge Group’s motto was “just show up” and “keep pushing play.” So I kept at it. After all, what did I have to lose?

Well, I lost 12 lbs., lost my pre-diabetes diagnosis, lost my depression, lost my back pain and gained a support group that stayed with me and helped me. When I was heavy and broken down, I had accepted that the way I felt was because I was getting old. But after Tai Cheng and drinking Shakeology, I no longer think that I’m a victim of old age. I have a renewed outlook on life and I’m now starting Slim in 6!

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And although I’m not doing one of those intense workouts like some of the younger kids in my Challenge Group—I’m looking forward to continuing this support network to share accountability and keep pushing play!